Friday, July 11, 2008

Yet Another Post About Me.

It was about 2 weeks ago. We were sitting in college, me and her, waiting for the pre-masters project evaluation to be decided. She is colleague. She was a close witness of my pre-masters drama and she suddenly started the following dialog:

Her: 3ala fekra enty a3'rab sha7'sya shofataha fe 7ayaty, w 7assa enny akeed mesh ha2abel wa7da zayek .
Me(was reading the kite runner, lift my head up in surprise):Na3am?
Her: Aywa, enty ensana 3'areeba geddan..ana 3omry mashoft keda..
Me(Smiling): What makes you say that?
Her: feeky 7agat keteer mesh rakba 3ala ba3d..ya3ny ana 3omry ma shoft wa7da friendly geddan w aggressive fe nafs el wa2t..Enty ezzay kda? Ezzay betb2y mabsoota awy marra wa7da w fag2a te2leby?
Her: hehe. Mesh 3arfa..bass 3ady ya..
Her: La2 mesh 3ady..enty sa3at bet3assbeeny geddan, w sa3at mesh betfre2 ma3aky enty bet2ooly el kalam dah lemeen..enty 3arfa el nass betsta7melek leh?
Me: leh?
Her: 3ashan bet7ebbek..aywa, enty law 7'serty 7add 3ashan el taree2a beta3etek lamma betet3assaby, hatbatly te3mely keda..bass 3ashan enty lamma betb2y mabsoota betb2y kwayesa awy, fal nass betesta7melek..
Me: Don't forget that it costs me alot of apologies. Mama dayman te2olly enty hate3tezry keteer fe 7ayatek..
Her: la2 w eh..lamma teb2y farfoosha w beta3..ya salaaaam..bet7'ally el wa7ed tayer men el far7a..ya3ny moodek beybhat 3ala elly 7awaleeky..
Me: fakkarteeny be baba, dayman lamma kan yet3assab ye2olly enty el sabab..
Her: la2 w mesh keda w bass..ana 3omry fe 7ayaty ma shoft 7add ye7ebb ye2agel el 7aga le a7'er el wa2t, w ye7ebb ennaha tetla3 100% perfect..
Me: deh lel asaf 7aga betet3ebny fe 7ayaty, bass it works!
Her: elly ana mest3'arbaloh, ennek bet7ebby te2aggly el 7aga..mesh betetzen2y maslan..la2 enty elly bet2aggely be mazagek..wel fel a7'er bet3rafy tetala3y el 7aga zay el foll..
Me: dah satr men Rabbena..
Her: la2 bass enty sha7'sytek 3'areeba..enty fe3lan be kaza sha7'sya, wel wa7ed lazem ye3mel 7esaboh 3ala keda..
Me: ew3y tekoony shayla menny wala 7aga..
Her: La2 7'alas..manty e3tazarty.
Me(Laughing): tab tamam keda..
Her: w e7keely ba2a ennek bet3'ayry ra2yek 17 marra fel sanya..ha3mel kaza, la2 mesh ha3mel, la2 ha3mel..erkazy keda ya mama..
Me: w ba3deeen ba2aaaa..a3mel eh fe nafsy tayeb.
Her: enty lazem tet3'yary..
Me:(giggling) 7adher..
Her: la2 begad, lazem te3'ary men nafsek..
Me:(impatiently) 7'alas..weslet..moken ba2a akkamel eraya 3ashan ashoof el ragel maat walla la2a?
Her: aho shofty alabty ezzay!
Me: la alabt wala 7aga..bass 7adher hab2a ashoof mawdoo3 a3'yar men nafsy dah..


m@hdeTo said...

Me: w ba3deeen ba2aaaa..a3mel eh fe nafsy tayeb.
Her: enty lazem tet3'yary..

--*horn*..wrong answer--
*the conversation can be used as an example to explain polymorphism & late binding*

zekry said...

la2 bgad el bent dy fahmaky kways awy
bas ana mesh ma3ha fe 7ewar enk lazm tetghayry da
el nas ely bt7eb 7ad bgad homa ely ye7bo zay ma howa be momyzato w 3yobo

gjoe said...

mahdeto: loool! bass mesh fahma ana mawdoo3 el bororomphism dah :P

zekry: tab3an yabny lazem teb2a fahmany kwayes awy..ana sha7'sya wad7a geddan.. :D,
w le3lmak ba2a heya 3andaha 7a2..ana lazem at3'ayar!

jessyz said...

Seebek seebek, el mohem what did you think of the book? "The Kite Runner"?

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

I don't wonder why I relate to the above..
80% of what you mentioned, its simply me..

And from here I say.. Don't change..
Well, that what makes us unique, and mysterious..
So,, it's us.. and we ought to be happy this way :D

m@hdeTo said...

"us .. unique" ... that seems logically correct!!

LuLu...! said...

just wanned to say that i love reading ur blog ;)

gjoe said...

Jessyz: Yeah! I think I'll post about the kite runner next isA

Lasto: But sometimes the bad is intolerable it has to be changed. Even if it makes us unique. Am not saying that I will though! LOL

m@hdeto: Yes, haven't you heard the quote "I am unique just like everybody else."?

Lulu: It's my pleasure ya lulu! nawwarty el blog :)

m@hdeTo said...

i'll tell you a change i want to see !


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