Friday, June 27, 2008

خناقة التكييف

We fight all the time me and my 2 sisters. They are almost all trivial fights that can grow ugly. We never had heart-breaking fights, no major conflicts,and we had never been on non-speaking terms for more than 1 day. But we constantly have repetitive fights. Their intensity is dependent on many factors that are all out of the scope of this post (ma3lesh ana ba2aly fatra bakteb research papers, fal kalam too-formal 3ala el mawdoo3, bass eedy hatfok kaman shwaya).

The fights are quite funny when seen from the eyes of the outsider. Full of surreality, over-reacting and alsh. I don't quite know how we resolve them every time. But I guess we didn't. That is why we keep having the same fights over and over again.

We have this fight that I consider to be "generic", or rather representitive for all other fights. And that is خناقة التكييف

Okay(Quoting dee, when starting a new illustrative topic). You know how some people tend to feel cold than usual and others feel hot than usual? Well that is the main problem. My youngest sister, niveen, feels that the heat is unbearable. I, on the other hand, am very tolerant to heat, unless it is of course suffocating. So, and you might find this strange, I prefer to be حرانة than بردانة.
Also to my argument, takeef el ooda sootoh 3aly awy awy awy.I always feel that someone would be calling and I won't hear them. And it is also not installed properly so it mildly vibrates the near by window, which gives the effect of an earthquake.
Cherry is neutral. But the implicit rule in sister's fight is: If you are neutral then your job is to get on one of the quarrelling members nerves. In other words, a fight-catalyst. (mesh 3arfa ana bakteb kalam kebeer awy keda leeh, 7assah enny hakteb "conclusion" fel a7'er.)
So everyday, we have the same dialog at some point of the day:

Niveen: gjoe, efta7y el takeef law sama7ty.
Me(Staring at laptop non-responsive):..
Niveen: gjoe..GJOE!
Me: Na3am ya vonna 3ayza eh?
Me(responding slowly):tab kaman 5 da2aye2.
Niveen: la2 efta7eeh delwa2ty..ana kont fat7aah wenty afalteeh.
Me: Aywa 3ashan kont bardana
Niveen: wana 7arrana 7'alas mesh el araf dah..
Me(non-responsive, probably reading a blog):..
Niveen: GIHAN!(yes, calling me in my first name, which is very threatening) EFTA7y el TAKEEF LAW SAMA7TY..
Me: Betza3a2y leeh..otloby el 7aga be 2osloob 3edel..
Niveen: ya salaaam! mana talabataha be 2osloob 3edel w marradeesh 3allaya..
Me: la2 oltelek estany 5 da2aye2..mesh 3ayza a2adeeha 7'ena2.
Niveen: gihan ana 7arrana!
Me: tab estany shwaya ya vonna begad..ana bab2a a3da ta7t el takeef 3ala tool w battaleg fe sa3etaha..awel lamma 7arrana hafta7oh.
Niveen: NA3AM! ya3ny kaman sana isA..gihan efta7y el takeef..
Me(in a cold tone): tab ta3aly efta7eeh enty.
Niveen: la2a.
Me: 7'alas..elly 3ayez 7aga ye3mlha..wana mesh 3ayza afta7 el takeef..
Niveen: enty bet3'allsy leeh?
Me: wenty mekkasela leeh te2oomy tefta7y el takeef?
Niveen: 3ashan enty orayeba mennoh..
Me: manty orayeba bardo
Niveen: bss enty a2rab..
Me: mesh far2a, enty elly 3ayza tefta7eeh..
Niveen: ya gihan ba2a!
Me(no response):
Niveen: gihan
Niveen: gihan..
Me: 3ayza eh?
Niveen: 3addet el 7'amas da2aye2..

So I open el takeef.
2 minutes later I close it again.
Niveen: eeeeeeeh! afalteeh leeh!!
Me: vonna, begad sootoh 3aly awy w bey7asesny enn feeh zelzal..
Niveen: ana 3omry mashoft 7add bey7'af men soot el takeef..
Me: Niveen begad 3ayza arrakez..heya 10 da2aye2 w hasblek el ooda..
Niveen: la2, eft7aeeh delwa2ty.
Me: Mesh haynfa3 3ashan ana lessa aflaah

(Cherry walks in)
Niveen: cherry, o7'tek mesh 3ayza tefta7 el takeef.
Cherry the catalyst: efta7y el takeef ya gjoe.
Me: cherry, begad beytalegny w sootoh 3aly..wana oltelaha kaman 10 da2aye2.
Niveen(talking to cherry): 3arfa fata7etoh men de2eteen bezzabt w afaletoh tany 3ala tool..
Cherry: gjoe, efta7y el takeef ya3ny 7aram 3aleeky el bent.
Me: cherry oltelha kaman 10 da2aye2 w hamshy..w kaman heya a3da mesh bet3mel 7aga..moken te2ra harry potter fe ayy 7etta tanya
Niveen: la2 ana 3ayza a2ra hena ba2a..
Me: aaah! borg el toor eshta3'al ba2a..
Niveen: ana 7orra..
Me: tayeb, yeb2a osbory kaman 5 da2aye2..
Niveen: aah, 3ashan te2feleeh ba3deeha be 30 sanya

Tab3an this convorsation is endless..Someone ends up freezing or melting. Or it is more like, someone walks out steaming from the room.Only to come back after a while and the fight re-begins.

And no, I am not afraid from soot el takeef. It is just annoying. Too annoying for me that makes me prefer the heat of June.

As a conclusion, we can all see that sisterly fights are an inevitable daily drama that you just have to live with. But they are above all silly, mostly with no right-and-wrong debates and fun to blog about.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Saved By the Deee

So yesterday Dee literally saved my life. We were hanging out in Retro w a3deen fe amaan Allah..When suddenly Dee stretched her hand above my head and got out a tarzan-ish "AAaaaaAAA!" and stopped the newspapers stand from falling right on my head! It took me quite a while to understand what is happening. I mean fag2a el denya dallemet. I was paralyzed for a split of a second. Not in shock. But rather in "Heya deee bet3emel keda leh? ". Then when everything was clear and in the usual motion velocity, I stood up with a confused smile and helped to put the stand where it was!

El gameel fel mawdoo3, that I was just telling Dee 15 minutes before, that I was "concerned about the future"..I think I had a feeling that something was going to happen :D

We then jokingly suggested that we switch places, but then we were both afraid I will not respond as fast as Dee, if the stand fell again :D

Dee is a girl's best friend!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

How a Geek would teach his kid the alphabets

A for Array

B for Blog

C for Cast

D for Debug

E for Ebay

F for Facebook

G for Gmail

H for Hashing

I for Interface

J for Java

K for Kit

L for Limewire

M for Method

N for Nintendo

O for Override

P for Polymorphism

Q for Query

R for Routing

S for Swing

T Torrent

U for Ubunto


W for Wikipedia

X for XML (or XKCD)

Y for Yield

Z for Zip

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What if..

You know the hadeeth:

من حسن اسلام المرء تركه ما لا يعنيه

حديث حسن رواه الترمذي

Well, my father claims that it is ranked as one of the most important hadeeths recorded for our prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). Well, I was thinking today what if people took the hadeeth seriously. And when I say "people" I mean EVERYONE. What if people stopped nosing into other people's business? What if people did not waste all of thier effort on stuff that didn't matter to them? But for one thing, I admit I consider myself "curious" to some extent about what happens in other people's life. But I also think that almost everyone I know has problems with curiosity to one extent or another.

Back to my question, the first thing that came into my mind is the amount of people who "earn their living" from intruding others privacy. I mean if people decided to take this hadeeth into effect, there would be no papparazi,many magazines would have nothing to write about, no news feed on facebook, no gossips, no shows like the view and Tyra, and possibly half of the shows on Oprah, many personal blogging posts would not be interesting any more because it is other people's businsess that no one should care about. I am not sure if people would actually blog.

Then suddenly my thoughts concentrated on "facebook", and how contaminating it is if viewed from the hadeeth point of view.I mean 99.99% of any facebooker time is checking other people's news. Whether it is photos, groups joined, status updates, who-wrote-on-who's wall, who-commented-on-who's photo, who became a fan of ninja turtles. I mean the social network idea is so powerful, i gradually started to believe that it is so misued Everybody knows in their heart that facebook is a waste of time. "But it's "fun" to see what people chose to share about their lives. People share only what they want to share",they think to themselves.

Still again my thoughts went back to the hadeeth..and the term "من حسن اسلام" specifically. The phrase I believe is "iniviting" if you must say for a Muslim to embrace such an attribute. It is like when someone tells you something is "preferable" in contrast to it being "obligatory".
Maybe I will try to be less curious about other people's business. At least it would make me more focused on the important stuff in my life, like you know, checking my mail.

P.S: I am not considering re-de-activating my facebook account, at least not after I get my "happy birthday" on the wall :P. But it is an idea worth pondering.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


رب اشرح لي صدري ويسر لي أمري و احلل عقدة من لساني يفقهه قولي

اللهم لك أسلمت و بك امنت و عليك توكلت و بك خاصمت و اليك حاكمت فاغفر لي ما قدمت و ما أخرت و ما أسررت و ما أعلنت
أنت المقدم و أنت المؤخر لا اله الا أنت عليك توكلت
وأنت رب العرش الكريم

Friday, June 13, 2008

Doing The Right Thing

Sometimes doing the right thing does not make one feel any better. But it has to be done after all.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sbelling Mistakes

I have to admit that I have terrible spelling capablities. I will write this post as is. No corrections.I will not rely on firefox's spelling checking and you would see for yourself how bad my spelling can be. Not to menton the grammer mistakes I does sometimes.

I'll write a very random sequence of sentences including words that I ALWAYS misspell.

"I think I will have a permenent problem with spelling. I think it is asocciated with the fact that I type fast and have someone to clean up the mess I left behind.The spelling mistakes usually acsend in complixity and frequency as I go on. Generally speaking, my spelling mistakes have certain characterstics. It is always almost about missing a vowel or transposing 2 letters."

"I get bored very easy. and one of my fatal flaws is that I have no committiment towards anything I should do. I have no daily usefull habits. I could never take a certain medication for more than 2 days, I occasuoinly wear my retainer and it took me 4 years to be on the seriuos track to get my driver's lisence. I admit that it is a pychological-related probelm. I immediatly think to myself that "it's boring to continue like this for long."Or the consquences of not doing what I am supposed to do is not drastic so I just don't .Yeah I know, it is such a not very beuatiful habit (elmafrood a2ool ugly habit, bass i don't misspell ugly.) "

Other words I mispell w ma3reftesh a7ottaha fe gomal mofeeda:
advice or advise? feeh wa7da noun wel tanya verb

P.S.: I am seriuosly considering not to always proofread some of my posts for the fun of it. The Post is almost entirly underlined!

Saturday, June 07, 2008


I admit. I am totally envious of the American people. Not because they have half a continent just for themselves, not because they have the greatest variety of junk food, not because they have all the big software houses, not because they are the home of great blockbuster movies, not because they actually have a witness protection program, not because they made us a lot of sitcoms that re-set our moods and great minds that re-defined our future, not because they have the top universities, not because they never say "za" instead of "the".No.None of that.

I envy the American people for simply having a presidential election in which almost no one could predict its outcome. (still, my theory of mas7'am-men-setty-kallef-ya-seedy holds.)

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Don't you think its weird that many people think they are lonely when its too crowded? I mean what are all these people doing? Just making it more uncomfortable being alone?

Don't you think its weird that there are many people struggling with overweight and dieting when there is a global food crisis? (I am not judging, I am contemplating)

Don't you think its weird that although you have friends whom you see come online and offline everyday and you are listed as friends on facebook still the distance between you is almost incompressible?(What is this geeky word doing up here)

Don't you think its weird that people still watch real TV? As if all the drama, backstabbing, conflict and struggling we have in our real lives,is not enough. I thought people watch TV to see some fiction, to escape real life, not to replace it with watching others pretend to have lives.

Don't you think it's weird that Obama won the elections? I thought it would be Hillary at start. yalla, mas7'am men setty, kallef ya seedy :D

Don't you think it's weird that three posts before this one I said that I was going to write about spelling mistakes and still haven't?

I think it's weird.

I love this conversation

...because it's bitter sweet :)

From the Ocean's Eleven Movie (abl lamma yektaroh w yellemoh)


      Tess Ocean sits in a booth and sips at a glass of wine
and checks her watch: Benedict is late or very close to
being so...

... when a pair of hands slips over her shoulders and
starts to caress her arms.

(without looking at him)
You're thirty seconds late. I was
about to send out a search
(recognizing the hands,
she turns, stunned)

(standing over her,grinning)
Hello, Tess.

(thrilled and petrified
and stunned to see
him, but outraged
What are you doing here?

I'm out.

You're out.

Of prison. You remember. The day
I went for cigarettes and never
came back. You must have noticed.

I don't smoke.
(as he sits)
Don't sit --

(but he does)
They said I'd paid my debt to

Funny, I never got a check.

Danny smiles. Tess stares daggers.

You can't stay. It's good to see you.

You're not wearing your ring.

A beat.

I sold it. And I don't have a
husband. Or didn't you get the

My last day inside.

I told you I'd write.

Danny reaches his hand (ringed) for hers (ringless), but
she removes it from the table.

Danny. Go. Now. Before...


She freezes: Danny knows. He smiles: it's okay. Then,
to a passing waiter:

(his fingers two
inches apart)
Whiskey and --
(then one inch
-- whiskey.


You're doing a great job curating
the museum.

She sighs, exasperated.

The Vermeer is quite good. Simple
but vibrant. Although his work
definitely fell off as he got

Remind you of anyone?

<-Boring part skipped->

You don't know how many times I
played this conversation out in my
head the last two years.

Did it always go this poorly?


Sounds frustrating.

You were never easy.
(as she shrugs)
Okay. I'll make this quick. I came
here for you. I'm gonna get on with
my life, and I want you with me.

You're a thief and a liar.

I only lied about being a thief.
But I don't do that anymore.



I'm with someone now who doesn't
have to make that kind of

No, he's very clear on both.

Nice. Work on that for two years, too?

Year and a half.

A light smile from Tess.

Do you know what your problem is?

I only have one?

You've met too many people like you.
I'm with Terry now.

Does he make you laugh?

He doesn't make me cry.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


In a pathetic attempt yesterday to cheer myself up, I went to ma3rad el nady to buy some stuff.I could not exactly remember what I bought and I wasn't looking for anything specific and I was rather searching-in my head- for answers to questions that somehow crept into my mind without invitation.

Suddenly I am feeling a terrible urge of wanting to talk to Geddo.I never talked about how empty and hollow my grandparents home became after Geddo passed away. I terribly need geddo, I need to talk to him, to listen to him assuring me that everything is going to be okay.

Alone. Why do I feel so alone when I am not? Why do I feel that no one cares when I am surrounded by good friends and a wonderful family?Why do I feel very bitter towards strangers? I have no idea why I felt so mean today towards just normal people walking the streets.I feel terribly lost although I know exactly where I am going. How do I feel exhausted and tired when I haven't yet started? I so want someone who I can speak my mind and heart out to without being judged, without being misunderstood, without someone telling me to stop crying because its useless. Anyone I'll talk to would either get worried because they care, or they would pretend to be listening because they could not care less w koll wa7ed feeh elly mekafeeh. Why do I feel that I want to be left alone and at the same time hate the fact that there is no one I can talk to without worrying about consequences even the most trivial ones?Why do I hate being vulnerable even infront of who I consider to be my comfort zone?

I also I have no idea why these questions are asked and they either have obvious answers or no answers at all. But I feel that this is deeper than just a bad mood. There is something out of balance. Something I might be avoiding confrontation with. Yeah, that's right. Feeh 7aga tanya medy2any and am not dealing with it. I just hope I think I know what it is.

Today also I intentionally lost my temper at work.I did not lose my temper. I just showed people that I will not cover up anyone's mistake and I definitely won't take blame for not backing up any coworker's incompetencies.I am not going to be blamed specially that I acted like a big girl and took full responsibility for it. I am willing to pay the price of someone's 2 consecutive mistakes, and I am beng blamed for not taking account for them in the first place. WHATEVER!
(What happened at work has nothing to do with how I feel right now)

Am very likely to delete this post lamma arga3 men el sho3'l. It is getting on my nerves

Monday, June 02, 2008

Tagged: 6 Quirks

Tagged by my the female thinking out loud, Sou

These are the rules:

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3. State 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
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1- I continuously sleep on my laptop..w ba7ees enn el na7ya el yemeen arya7 men el na7ya el shemal.

2-My next post would be about spelling meskates.

3-I still bit my nails.Actually my nails look very boyish. One of my wishes is that before I die, I would have decent nails like any normal girl my age..

4-The last scary movie I saw (I think) was The Ring. I might have seen another one ba3deeh, bass I totally blocked it out.The reason I hate scary movies is that most of the time I would be the only one awake at home late at night.

5-The last time I had driving lessons I almost hit a kid, I accidentally hunked instead of stepping on the brakes.That was exactly 4 years ago.I'll re-start new driving lessons tomorrow isA :)

6- When engaged in a group conversation.I don't look to the talker, I'd rather watch people listening to the talker.If someone is saying something stupid, I'll most probably look at the other listeners to see how they took it. The subtle facial expressions they make are hilarious!

Tagging: Dee, M@hdeto, Insomniac , Cesario, Mermaid and Zero!

P.S: I felt like this tag was very similar to the 1o random things tag, I actually wrote a couple of points there then I removed them because I felt like I have wrote them somewhere..w ba3deen the things I wrote are not quirky enough, I think i am Quirkier than that, bass ana mesh merrakeza..