Friday, July 27, 2007

Current Mood: Zeft

So, my sister didnt pass this year. (again).Not that i blame her or anything.She did her best. I just feel sorry for her and i dont know how on earth is going to go through this whole experience again.

My Graduation Project Supervisor called me a couple of days ago. He wants us to do a presentation infront of some guy from the higher ministry of eduction. He also wants us to deploy our graduation project where it should be working;so that people would make use of it.Sounds great right?

Well Its not.First of all our graduaion project was doomed by many phenomenal events of bad luck and a series of unfortunate events. So it is not any thing near complete and Can not by any means be deployed. Second of all..Deploying the system would mean the team (those available) would gather up and work. That sure brings alot of tiresome memories.
Finally, just copying the project from one computer to another would take not less than 5 days. Thats excluding any improvements to be made on it.Wasting time from 5 to 10 days on the GP in my vacation makes me sick.
Simply Put: I hate my GP and hate the idea of working on it again.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Three Thoughts

1- I saw this big red calculus book accidentally a couple of days ago..and then i had this sudden rush of flashbacks of all the times i had in college..I thought I got over it..I thought I stopped missing it..I think I am wrong..I'm going to hide this calculus book elsewhere.

2- I am on job hunting right now and i just want to remind myself..that its okay if I didnt get what I want right away..Its okay if i started working something I dont like at first..and most of all.."el arza2 beyad Allah"

3- I've been reading a book called "3an el fasad w seneeno" by Fahmy Howaidey. I didn't finish the book.Not that it didn't intrest me.On the contrary,I thought that i should have read it a long time ago(Just like that Pride & Prejudice book) . I found myself asking questions about this country and where are we heading? who is responible for all this corruption? To what degree am I responsible? Is this country that bad? Is there no law in the country that can get back people what they rightly own? Are humans that cheap in the eye of the government?what about the double standards we have dealing with people with power and money so forgivingly and those who have no "dahr yesnedhom" are to be mercilessly punished right away.

It reminded me of a hadeeth by our Prophet (PBUH):

إنما أهلك من كان قبلكم أنهم كانوا إذا سرق منهم الشريف تركوه، وإذا سرق منهم الضعيف أقاموا عليه الحد. وأيم الله لو أن فاطمة بنت محمد سرقت لقطع محمد يدها)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th of July.

me: ana 7assah enny ha2fel 3eeny w affata7aha w 2aly nafsy 3andy talateen sana

dad: definitely.

me: w a3'ammad 3eeny w affata7aha tany ala2y nafsy arba3een.

dad: That happens too!

me: tab w ba3deen ? :)

dad: you better keep your eyes shut for a while.


So today, other than being a national vacation in the US, it happened to be my graduation project presentation. It didn't go as expected. Or did it? Anyways..The results came out fine el7amdolellah although there was ALOT of unfairness..There was a wide variation of grades within the group so we couldn't really celebrate..It doesn't matter now..It's over! It's out of my system :D

Graduating has been a an exciting and agonizing phase in my life..Every day for the past month i had both REALLLY BAD days..and REAALLLY HAPPY days..It was hysterical..

Am glad that i survived through college..
Am both excited and scared about what's next
Am having this weird feeling of "ana 7assa enny waraya 7aga"