Wednesday, May 30, 2007

gmail+ talk Vs msn

Just like any other exams time.Anything other than studying appears to be very interesting.
I think when we are stressed, we want to get away from what's on our mind (I have this theory that , if i procrastinated long enough may the thing i should be doing, will be done on its own)..

Anyways..i ve been around ALOT of blogs lately..but am also always online..(having a busy status ofcourse).
I'm using both the embedded-gtalk and msn rather intensely..and i started comparing and contrasting since we are in exams season and all that..

What i like about gtalk:

  • first i like the idle thing..i think its smart and honest just not there now..
  • and i like that there is a mini-history of past status messages..specially that i actually change my moods rather quickly ( just bored and too lazy to change them frequently)
  • i like that the recent conversations are saved as emails :D
  • of course what takes my breath away is the emoticons elly beytsha2lebo :) :D :'(
  • i simply love the fact that's embedded in gmail
What i dont like

  • i cant appear offline..(ugly habit i have from MSN)
  • If i block someone..i can't see them come on and offline
  • Only one nickname/status at a time

neegy ba2a to msn

MSN is rather too GUIish typical microsoft..but i like it..more like..used too it

  • i like the custom emoticons..not the "K " elly betnawar and the "L" elly betetsha2leb and the "P " elly heya ra7et feen"..not those crazy letters..i like the smileys..describe alot of moods
  • i like that i can appear offline
  • i like that i can block someone and CAN see them come on and offline
  • ..i think that's it..

What i dont like abt msn
  • too many contacts.
  • too many contacts.
  • dont like the XML format of the history conversations..and yes i do refer to them alot specially when it comes to checking a link or an old joke
  • Too many statuses..ppl are either online , busy, not online but they feel more secure when they are connected or reachable..or "appear online" gmail just have the three to the point statuses..
-Am here
-Am here but apparently am doing something more important than chatting rite now(you may be interrupting ;) )..
- Am just making a sandwich, but its taking me too long to prepare..that's why the orange status

simply smart people! well done

and why exactly am saying why i like gtalk in the why i hate msn section?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

10 things i hate about el mo7aggbat

Before u read the list, i have to admit that am not wearing a perfect hijab myself..and yes we all do mistakes and we dont insist on them and all that..but we also have to admit the hijab has changed, not because of anything other than the attitude of el mo7aggbat nafsohom

1- el mo7aggaba el mesa7ba: why has it become so common? why is it acceptable for some girl to be veiled and having a boyfriend? i mean these are 2 things from 2 opposite cultures..i thot that one should be an indication of the absence of the other. why is no one talking about this? refusing it? i still don't get it. how can a girl wear a veil in the morning look in the mirror w heya betlef el tar7a and say "lazem azbot el tar7a ba2a 3ashan ennhadra ha2bel a7mad" huh?! a7mad meen yamo tar7a.

2- el spanish: el donia 7arr.. mashy, el 7el2an tal3a mooda, bardo mashy..bass i think it still loooks ugly and still reminds me of ommo tamer..and no matter how many AUCians gave it the name "spanish".. it's still ain't fashionable let alone complete hijab..

3- el mo7aggaba elly bet7ot makeup be sabab w men 3'eer sabab: am not against looking neat while being veiled, on the contrary, i think its important..but what am against is trying to grab attention intensionally while being veiled. you have some flaws in your complexion ,fine! but all that orange, red, and're just contradicting yourself..

4- elly bey2la3o el 7igab yoom el fara7: deeh lelet el 3omr! yeah! with over a 150 ppl watching everylittle move you make..and watching every little curve you have! just find alternatives to spend unforgettable time on that day..and it doesn't mean not being one said that hijab is all so easy. you have to make compromises..ommal hana7'od sawab 3ala eh? la2 dah feeh kaman elly ber2osoh!! w haggawez! haaaagwaeez!

5- el mo7aggaba ommo ossa/pontaqoor/noss komm: aboos edeek kammely gemeelek..w mesh ha2ool aktar men keda

6- el mo7aggaba elly betshayesh/betshrab sagayer: disgusting, provocative, and simply put: wrong. i hate sagayer and sheesha all in all no matter ur a gurl or a guy..just stop it before it's too late.

7- elly fe marina: i mean where do they get the license.. not the license to drive..i meant the licence or permission to do whatever they want to do as if its "everything is okay"'re still veiled and you're still a muslim.

8- elly mesh beysallo: hasaleeh lamma arrawa7..asly ta3abana shwya ennahrda..asl el donia 7arr..ana lessa hatwadda..asly ba2raf lamma assly barra.. ba3deen ba3deen..mabalasho 7'ales :D

9- betoo3 madares el 7okooma: these gurls need serious discipline and am not only talking abt those elly beyb2o mes7abeen bardo i mean those elly beymsho fel share3 ye3akso, w yesawatoh, w yet7'an2o w yeshtemo!!

10- 7egab etneen w 7'amees:homma dool olayleen bass not talking bardo ely maslan ala3o el 7egab w lebsooh tany talking about gurls with more of predictable pattern of conciseness waking up..yaah dah ramdan gaii..7'alas 7egab..dah el seef gaii ..7'alas balash 7egab..yaah dal sanady ramdan gaii ma3 el seef..han3mel eh? hassaly est7'ara!

Rabbena yehdy el gamee3

Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Room!

There are things in life, that one shouldn't complain about..or that's what i believe in..

you shouldn't complain about your home, some are shouldnt complain about service in restaurants..some sleep with no dinner at all, you shouldnt complain about your car, some walk miles every day because they can't afford horrible public transportation..

you shouldnt also complain about your skin color, hieght, ur friends, ur education, ur family, or anything that we take for granted that others struggle to only dream about having..

but to hell with all that! i dont like my room!

i know i know..el7amdolellaah 3ala koll shee2..i said i know! but there are some other things in life..that you should make fun of..

my room, the one am sitting in right now.. is more like those work cubicles..were you can barely move the chair not sideways..but only 360 degrees around yourself..
well that was a bit of an exaggeration (which is ofcourse part of our culture).. but the small size of the room is not what i dont like about it .
i wont even complain about how everything is not in place becuase we dont have a storage area..
i wont complain about how somedays it looks/smells/feeels like warshet negara..since my sister entered arhcitecture and works on a makette all day long..
i wont complain about all the papers, books since first grade, the CDs everywhere since Jurassic Park, the cups and plates since last night's dinner..coz am the one to blame..

i simply hate my room's COLORS!!
the colors are hideous..and i haven't noticed that until lately..because i usually stare at the PC or sleep when am in my room so i dont think much about the colors..but i was sick lately which gave me some time to look around, notice, make faces in disgust, rebel and even blog about it..

well we have all the kinds of mismatching colors in such a small area that is powerfully capable to put you in the most depressing moods on such happy days..

the computer desk is in dark blue..the mokette is in dark grotesque red..that crimson red that looks like as if its unclean or something..
and the bed!!
the bed is in wood painted in pink and light green!! and its doreen so you can't even miss it..
the ladder of the bed is in the same lame light green and with dark brown on the sides..UGLY!!

we have also that small chair that has been there since forever..its a very small chair that we never use except to put on our books and clothes we're too lazy to put in place..
we also have this RUG at the middle of the room which they put there willingly with no concerns about our sight health..and its in black and white!!
what's there excuse? they are hiding with it the long lasting scars on the floor made by sister's projects..all the stains of glue and some other creepy crap that she uses carelessly..

and mafrash el sereer!! OMG...ofcourse it changes twice a week or sth..but they are all in the same color: shades of orange..and they always put el melaya mesh beta3et el 3'ata..why?! why do they do that? is that some kind of punishment..
and i have to thank God that winter is over..because in winter..there is this brown-and-white-leopard-skin-scheme-battanya that goes on top of all that shades of orange..and then they look you in the eyes and say: sweet dreams!

we also have this small corner with a drawer(with the same pink and green)..its more like a present's corner..with all that teddy bears, baskets and cuddly cute sweet stupid stuff and they are all in red and white! and i can see some wood of my last sister's project..
and when i'm working on a project u could see side by side with all that my silver laptop

That's enough i have had it..the only thing that is in the same my PC:used-to-be-white
or more like overly-used-white..
w tab3an there is the black router that is more of like : al 7aga el so'ayara awy elly asamet dahr el gamal..

To Sum It Up, We have: crimson red, more red,pink, lame-light green, shades of orange, navy blue,black and white, overly-used white,silver..All In One Room..i think that calls for an extreme makeover melly beeygo fel telefezioon..