Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ana Faffy !

Being the eldest may imply that I am all responsible w beta3..WRONG!!
I am the most faffy girl.. I am what you can safely call a *Spoiled Brat*.

1- I do say Mamy. I say "Ya Mamy" , if the lights went out suddenly or i was startled.I dont say Papy (nor Babi). I sometimes call my father by his first name, or a nickname I made up for him when I was about 3.

2- I get bored very very easily and very quickly. Evidence: I didn't like my first work not for anything other than I was bored and it was not exciting. It was going to be very enjoyable afterwards with a lot to do. Still, i wasnt patient enough to wait and see as Juka suggested.

3- I hate crowded places. I treat my personal space very sacredly. YOU CANT PENETRATE MY PERSONAL SPACE..That implies even sometimes on my family members when I am edgy.
Note: My personal space is a 0.5-1 meter radius, depending on general mood.

4- In this past Ramadan, I was sitting at work doing nothing and I come back in 5 minutes without any ordeal faced in traffic w araf. I still find myself tired or lazy to set the table for eftar with my sisters and mother.."ana gayya mel sho3'l w ta3bana"..Sometimes I fake setting the table and move in circles at the kitchen. I've set the table only the days my sister had an outside-iftar.

5- One time, I went to my friend who is far away from where I live and I had to go home using the CTA..I waited for half an hour ( This I considered to be very very long time and unbearable). When the CTA finally showed up, it turned to be full and I had to stay standing all the way. I wore my sunglasses and I started crying. Not to mention my personal space got invaded!! I HATE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. I don't have any kind of endurance.

6- I spend half an hour thinking of what to wear in the morning. I have this rule that I can't wear the same thing nor the same color 2 days in a row.

7- The most important person to me is Ommo Tamer our maid. She does my bed , my clothes, my laundry, my food. When she is home, bakkasel attala3 el mofta7 3ashan ommo tamer will open the door.I really appreciate what she does and how tired she can be sometimes. Still, I don't do the simplest chores on my own.

8- I dont cook. Not that I dont like to,Not that I dont want to. I just don't. The few meals i have cooked were really good , 7atta beshahdet ommo tamer nafsaha..bass I just dont do it.

Other than that..I am very nice :)


Fadfadation said...

Mashy ya faffy :)

ahmed said...

"Other than that..I am very nice :)"
i totally agree :D

gjoe said...

Mashy ya Fad :)

Thanks ya Z!

ana fakkart a3mel measure the degree of faffy-ness..w moken ba2a a7ottaha 3ala brainfall w beta3.. how faffy is that?! :P

Juka said...

LOOOL. Tab eih? Haven't seen you in a while, I'd almost given up on the cyberworld, and me and the Deee don't have coffee as often as we used to. BUT I'd still like to know what you decided to do career wise.

sara said...

& it's nice to meet you missy :)

insomniac said...

i am the oldest too, and i consider myself faffy on a thing ot two... perhaps you should really do the whole faffy checklist (lol)

here is what we have in common on the faffy scale :D.. 2, 3, 5(did not happen, but similar incidents where i just burst in tears over the most trivial things!!), 6, 7 (if our maid was half as good as ommo tamer sounds), 8

freaked yet??!!