Friday, October 19, 2007

Aly Baba

Remember when we were a lot younger and they always showed this movie on El Fada2aya El Masrya or El-Qnaha-Ooola.The one with Yehia el fa7'arany and es3ad yones and el fa7'arany's son. Yes, I am talking about the one and only: Aly Baba wel Arba3een 7aramy. Remember that chubby cute little kid? That teenage disturbed guy and his study partner? Remember that kinder garden teacher and the police officer at the end of the movie?

I loved this movie! I loved each and every character in this movie. The little kid was adorable. But most of all, this movie was a turning point for me. It made me very skeptic about ALOT of things or more specifically i stopped enjoying any fairy tales or Disney classics. I still love them. But I perceive them in another way.

Aly baba: he is not considered "ragel tayeb" wala 7aga..he IS a "ragel 7aramy".

Cinderalla: She liked the prince because he is rich. He liked her because she's blonde.How Very compatible. Mesh be3eed tekoon betemasala7 3aleeh 3ashan tebbatal tesht3'al..w howa la2a feeha el bent elly ma2as gazmetaha tool 3omroh bey7lam beeh.

Little Mermaid: Okay, she is an ambitious one. but again Too much of a sacrifice for some guy she doesn't even know. It turned out fine for her fel a7'er..bass that's only because it's a fairy tale.

Alladin: Tab3an the guy didn't have any choice but lying to Jasmine about who he really is, because girls ARE materialistic with high expectations. No matter how bored she is from her oh-so-mundane palace, when the time comes, she would want the Sha2a we 3arabaya w mahr..

Shrek: Well that's what I call a realistic "fairy tale" the ugly ogre who marries the princess. Dayman el bent el7elwa beyb2a 3aleeha el 3een w tedabes fe gawaza ko7eety..

Shrek 2: wa7da 3'awya fa2r, the ogre gave her the option of being humans for the rest of their lives and she was like "naaaah! I like us that way". They probably had this ending to have a 3rd part of Shrek.

I apologize if I ruined any "childish perspective" for any of you out there..but that's what blogs are for: sharing ideas :)


Fadfadation said...

GOD! lol

Yes i remember the movie. THe youngest of the children was actually El Fakharani's reality son.

That same guy is working in a company with a friend of mine. I meet him a couple of times.

Small world, sa7?

gjoe said...

Law shoftoh tany, eb2a ollo ba2a feeh wa7da mesh 3arfeha betsalem 3aleek, w bet2ollak annaha moqtane3a be weghet nazarak tamaman!

Small World fe3lan :)