Saturday, November 10, 2007


Finally, At last, a7'eeran!

1- Finally, I encountered an iPhone, as in I had the chance to experience it and see first hand its fascinating features! I loved the scrolling, the zooming in and out and the whole feel of the phone!kont 3amla zay el 3ayel el so3'ayar!

2- Finally, I saw a female taxi driver, I was so excited! I wanted to go to her and say "I have heard so much about you but this is the first time I see you". I don't know exactly why was I happy to see a female taxi driver though.

3- Finally, I have my internet connection working again. I had endured useless chats with the ISP Technical Support. I had endured not being able to check my e-mail, my facebook ,wikipedia and blogs.

4- Finally, I am watching King Farouq re-runs (OTV @ 8 pm). I saw exactly 3 episodes. I am not fully impressed yet, but i'll try to give it its chance.
Me: baba, heya el nas kanet bet7eb el malek faroo2 fe3lan?
Dad: yes they did.
Me: Tab homma eday2oh lamma meshy?
Dad: No they didn't.

5- Finally, I am starting to have my driving lessons :) and its a woman who is going to teach me so I am much more comfortable. She is a very highly recommended driving tutor so I guess she is professional. Can't wait. My sister already had her first lesson and she was very pleased.

6-Finally, My laptop is here :). My old grumpy slow laptop..I miss thee!!

7- Finally I am being tagged! yeppiieee! This would be my first tag efar!Thanks Fadfadation!

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Anonymous said...

LOL :) I loved this post! Not an iPhone fan, it's a tad overrated, otherwise I'm glad you're starting out into the Cairo traffic jungle. Good luck!