Saturday, November 10, 2007

Tagged!Blog Name..Why?

1- What is your Blog's name?

"Just keep swimming"

2- Why did you choose that name?

e7m, wallahy ana e7'tart el esm dah 3ashan film kartone 3azeez 3allaya awy esmoh..Finding Nemo.
Finding Nemo is on my top list of favorite movies ever.

"Just keep swimming" happens to be a quote by Dory, the blue fish suffering from short term memory loss. It may seem to be a curse, forgetting what just happened five minutes ago. But actually, its very alleviating. She forgets all her burdens and always manage to keep a very energetic, smiling, care-free, optimistic mood all the time! Whenever she feels down/lost/doesn't have a clue what just happened, she starts singing "Just keep swimming".
The only downfall is that being fish and all that, she doesnt really have a purpose or heading. She swims aimlessly. Hence the "just don't swim as aimlessly as fish" tag line.

"Just Keep Swimming" reflects what I believe in. I believe that even in the darkest times, as long as we know where we are heading, we should always keep moving.
We should always keep up the mood that Dory keeps, forgetting about all the past and the burdens that might keep us away from reaching our goals in this life or the Here after.

This blog helps me move on and let out many thoughts. Whether they are worthless thoughts, selfish, misunderstood, or insane, they help *Me* move on and keep swimming forward!

3- What does your blog's photo represent to you (if any)?

No picture, but if i had to put one, I would put a picture of Dory!3ashan yemshy ma3 el blo3' :)

a7ebb fel a7'er ahdy el tagg elly gaii le :
1- Deee
2- Juka
3- Cesario
4- Redzo
5- Aywa Ana

You are all being Tagged! Neyayayayahahahaha!


Deeeeeee said...

Yaaaaaaaaaah!! Nemo! Its like second year college all over again!! Mesh keda walla eih ya Borland!! Did you ever read my nemo post a couple of years back?

Ahoh anyway:

I had read the tag at fadfadation's and insomniac's bss 3amalt nafsi ma2aretsh elpost... it would be too unbelievable with you, wouldn't it?!

ahmed said...

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ho. I love to swim. When you want to swim you want to swim

Fadfadation said...

i would never have guessed where you got the name

sara said...

rooh mat'am takol feeh aslak 'aamil rejeem :D


Ya Rab kollina nikeep swimming in the right stream ;)