Monday, October 29, 2007

Soora Soora Soora

I am the worst person ever to take a shot! Picture is always too dark, too off-center, too bright, too blurry, too very wrong angle.. I dont know the slightest basic about photography. Sometimes, I play with my humble digital camera and see what options it's got but still, I am the worst person ever to take a shot. Alot of people, specially bloggers, i noticed are into photography, they always remind me of how much I need to learn if someday I decided to go...novice :)

Anyways, that said, I am still very proud of the pictures I am presenting in this entry. They were taken a couple of fridays ago. I was in Grand Hyatt and was taken by the sunset, and the nile..I know it is a very exhausted scenary, but this one is different, this one was taken by me :)

I didn't have the digital camera with me, but i started shooting with my 2.0 MegaPixel mobile camera anyways..

A Before Picture, that is before I reset some options in the camera..

An After Picture, much more vibrant

Redundant Shot

Lazy Boats
The Sun? Don't Ask.

Have A Nice Day!


Fadfadation said...

the last pic...

the sun looks like an alien space

aywa ana said...

well..seems ur really putting to much effort on it ..seems to be working;) ...keep it up..bass belnezba le a7'er soora ??3amla keda lee? :P:P

gjoe said...

well, make fun all you want, if any proffessional spent hours trying to get this awkward shape of the sun..mesh hay3raf !