Monday, October 29, 2007

Fatta7 3eenak Takol Malban

For El-Leela El Kbeera FANS!!

zomaara sho7'leeela..3asfoora ye7leela..tarateer ya wad tarateer.. tarateer tarateeer tarateeeeeer!

Trivia: My sister (cherry) doesn't like El-Leela El Kbeera AT ALL..she saw it when she was a little kid and was not able to categorize the "3arayes"..She asked her self.."If these were humans, why do they look like that? If not, why are they so big on screen and talking like human beings?". She was terrified from the lion whose roar was -3ala 7add qawlaha- Mor3eba!!

Ta3alaaly Ommaaal!

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