Monday, September 24, 2007

The Call(s)

I recently changed the mobile profile. it doesnt ring nor vibrate. Just flashes the caller's name/phone.
Today i placed my mobile behind the laptop and forgot all about it.
I opened the mobile @ 12 to find 11 missed calls.All of which are from my sister.

I thought something happened. I said 7'eer allahoma eg3alo 7'eer..and I called.

Me: Aywa ya sherry feeh 7aga?
Sister(in a tired angry voice):gjoe, enty labsa el gazma el sooda?
Me: Aywa ya cherry feh moshkela..?
Sister: Asl ana kont mettal3aha 3ashan albesaha..w kaman mesh la2ya wala daboos 3ashan el tar7a..enty betakleehom walla eh..feen el dababees?
Me: Sorry ya cherry wallahy.. ma7'tesh baly..Im sorry
Sister: Tab a3mel eh delwa2ty?
Me: elbesy gazma tanya (duuh!)
Sister: la2 ana 3ayza albes el gazma deh bezzat..ana elly kont mettala3aha
Me: Tab a3mel eh ya cherry ya3ny..ana fel sho3'l.
Sister: 7'alas 7'alas..mafeesh moshkela..ana hattasaraf bye.

1 minute later:
Cherry calls.

Me: Aywa ya cherry feeh 7aga tany?
Sister: gjoe howa enty labsa eh?
Me: Eswed ya3ny..el monto el eswed 3ala el jeeba el baige
Sister(Suggesting a brilliant idea): Tab matelbesy el gazma el bonny..ma7desh wa7'ed baloh
Me: Cherry ya 7abebty ana fl sho3'l..mesh haynfa3 aagy le mazagek ya3ny..
Sister: la la la..ana ha3addy 3aleeky..te7ebby agblek anho gazma?
Me: te7ebby tedeeny be anho gazma?
Sister(laughing): agblek anho wa7da ya gjoe ?
Me(In a i-dont-believe-we-are-sisters tone): Hateely elly gabohaly in my birthday ya cherry.
Sister: heeeh...7ader :D

2 minutes later:
Cherry calls.
Me: haa ya cherry weselty?
Cherry: ah betahaya2ly..howa e7n feen yasta M?
Me: tab ana hanzelek
Cherry: okay.
Me (Still on the mobile): Enty feen ya cherry ana mesh shayfaky..
Cherry: Bossy waraky.
I see the car, hang up and hop in:
We switch shoes. My sister laughs.I comment by saying that I will blog about this btw..
She tells me "la2a ya gjoe matfda7neesh". I give her the "watch me" look and hop out of the car straight to the

P.S: I know what you must be el nas elly ma3andahash 3'eer gazma sooda wa7da deh..I don't have anything in my defense other than..we have alot of brown shoes (Just in case!):D


Belya said...

Hayel !!! wa ne3ma al-o7'owwa :D

Deeeeeee said...

Will email you a story shabah di! :)

Anonymous said...

This is HILARIOUS!! :)

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sara said...

awwwwwwwwwww :)

u girls are the cutest ever :)


:D :D :D :D :D