Wednesday, September 05, 2007


So yesterday I was calling the pharmacy to get some medicine for my father. I dialed the number and before even completing it, I heard that lady's operator voice saying something. I didn't pay attention to it and I thought I just dialed that "raqam tamen zeyada" wrong. I dialed again and here she goes again.I listened to what she was saying "men fadlek da3 el samma3a" I waited to hear the whole message... It turned out that this was the whole message "men fadlak da3 el samma3a,Please something something down"..I was like..huh?! tab tell me why you are not in the mood to process this phone call..I mean what's your problem lady why can't I make that call!!wenty malek a7ott el samma3a walla fadlek enty mesh 3ayza asma3 sootek.

Stubbornly, I dialed again. She says the stupid message again.I think that this message contains some condescending tone. Its unclear(I understand the part where I have to end the call,but WHY?) and annoying. I might be overreacting to be actually blogging about it. But its like in the movies when someone is calling 911 and another person tells them "Hang up the phone" in a you-have-to-obey attitude.

The expected end:we didn't pay the phone seems that I inherited my Procrastination habits/talent from my parents :)

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Deeeeeee said...

Remember the Alex number we used to call to get a hilarious message on how the subscribers hadn't paid? :D