Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ppl Who Breath

Dont u just hate ppl who breath..they get on ur nerves for absoltely no reason but existing...I think this is very natural and justfied..well, some ppl ur just attracted to unexplainably..u just like them and like to hang out with them..its called chemistry..its when that other matter what they always seems the absolute rite thing to say!

On the other hand, there are ppl who breath..and they dont hide it! They even make a sound while breathing! can u imagine !!The thing is they do more noise while drinking, eating, walking or even looking on sth..If u bumped into such aperson well..its chemistry alrite..but its hazaradous..

well , call me shallow..but am not judging ppl on how they look..rather on how they breath...

U mite never understand..:(

They are doing it again!!Stop Breathing!!

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Deeeeeee said...

You know what? When I was four (around the time of the second Gulf War) I saw a gas mask for the first time and I thought it was horrifying! I actually thought that the deadly gases must be inside... Maybe you should get your breathing friends one of my four-year-old-edition of a gas mask!