Sunday, May 18, 2008

25 things to do that would make your ordinary day more interesting

Everyday could be a special day in numerous ways..It just needs a bit of creativity and
time to come up with some ideas. Well, I came up with a medium-sized list of things that
hopefully would make any boring day of yours a lot more interesting.

1- Call an old friend that called you a couple of times and you havent called back. Blame
them for not calling and checking on you. The conversation could take interesting turns.

2- Get dressed, find a busy street and try crossing the road a couple of times back and
forth.Try to intentionally cross the street infront of microbuses and CTAs..(Praying el
Fard be Fardo is a prequisite for this one. Its is also adviced to give a warm group-hug
to your family)

3- Smile at strangers in the street.But be selective.This could be dangerous. If someone
smiled back, put on the blank face suddenly.

4- Get the newspaper and read it loudly in the street, or if you are stuck at traffic,
open up the windows and start reading. Perfect newspaper: El dostoor beta3 yoom larba3

5- While watching TV with your family(some movie on channel 2 for the 4th time) read the
subtitles out loudly in a cartoonish tone( hatha ya saa7). Dont stop until there are serious threats.

6- This is fun at work or college: Put your mobile in your pocket and then pretend you
lost it. Get up and try searching for it, panic, and aggressivly ask people to join your
quest(Fezz oom dawar ma3aya ya bany2adaam). After 20 minutes of searching, when someone
asks the stupid question of "Tab shofteeh fe gebeek?", Check your pocket, put an innocent
smile on your face and say: "Ah aho la2eetoh"..Sit down and avoid eye contact.

7-(I actually tried this one) In the club, find a small kid who is dressed in his/her
training suit and heading for el to him/her and ask them about themselves
,their school and their dreams.Encourage them to have a bright future in whatever sports
they are practicing and ask for their name because they are going to be famous in the next
10-15 years. If you have the time, introduce them to your imaginary friend.

8- Send an email to your friends/coworkers with an attached sketch of your plan to rob the
bank from which you get your salary.

9- Try writing a song and ask your family or friends-of-your-friends about what they think
about it. But first say its a symbolic song and has a hidden meaning. You should have
something written like Adel Emam's "El7alazoona, el7alazoona, yamma 3ala el 7alazoona".
Ask them when your done if they got the hidden meaning and if they don't, be very
disappointed. If they think they figured out what the symbol is, play along.

10-Play "Bedoon Kalam" with some friends.The movie in question should be "The eternal
sunshine of a spotless mind" or "The secrets of the ya-ya sisterhood"..or it could be a
short arabic name like "7eena Maysara" or "Kalashenkoof".

11-Say you have friends X,Y and Z. Send an email to X that was supposed to be sent to Y
blabbering about Z. They don't necessary have to know each other. The less they know each
other the meaner your email can be, the more fun you have.

12- Divert all your calls to someone you recently had a fight with.

13- Go to and then start typing "Serial Killers", " Extinct-Threated Animals",
"How to make a bomb at home","Deadly Hurricanes and the friendly Names behind
them","PanCake Reciepe", "Human Cloning". Check a few links, print the results and
distribute them among your friends. Improvise when someone asks what are these for.


14- Find a really really depressed friend,who has just told you how sick they are of their
life. Google "10 ways to commit suicide creatively" and Forward them the results.
Make a Group on facebook titled ": RIP..we will never forget you, nor the way
you died".

16- Create an event on Facebook "Watching Monday's Movie Premier: Hantffarag kollena 3ala
el film elly haygebooh..w hankol we7na bentfarag". Make it a weekly event.

17- Go to a pet store.Head for a favorite animal of yours and start talking to them(As in
really talking). This works best when you have something that you need to get out of your
system and have no one to complain it too.

18- Make a 10-leveled club sandwich. Take some pictures of it, and put it on your blog.

19- Start an extremely debatable conversation in an outing,and play the devil's advocate.
At the end of the outing, accelarate the heat of the conversation and decide that you
have to go because you can't believe that your friends are thinking that way. Stand up
,and go. Send an sms after you have left saying that you are punishing them for the way of
thinking by making them pay for what you had. Only then you could be friends again.

20- Try to memorize your favorite song backwards. Brag about it all day long and ask
people to sing along.If you can't sing, humm.

21- If you have enough credit, send to people of your personal choice any of following
A-"Na3eebo Zamanona Wal 3aybo Feena..w Laysa lel Zaman 3aybon Sewana "
B-"Today is the first day of the rest of your life, unless you die today ofcourse."
C-"Beware what you wish for."
D-"Hat2olhomly Nelly, Nelly..Ha2olhomlak Sherihan Sherihan."
E-"Do some good today. "

22- If you are sitting among people you know on your computer or laptop suddenly look up
and say "What was that sound?"..Look attentive,and then after 5 more seconds say "Did you
hear that?".Repeat.

23-Wear something that you hate. Something that makes you fatter, shorter, or just doesnt
look good on you. You would probably find it in deep dark corner in your closet. Complain
about how bad you look in this.Perfect for the start of the week.Or you could wear eye-
irritating mismatching colors. (Recommendation: Green/Red-- The water melon effect.)

24- I resisted trying this in the metro:
Get out your closed-cell and pretend to have a fight over the phone.

25- Add some items to this list or make up your own list.

Have an interesting day.


zekry said...

i like 2 , 7 and 10
but i don't get how 23 is interesting

M@hdeTo said...

have done 5 my whole life ! was still nice when they noticed their child can read faster and younger than other children (you can't imagine how irritating is it to live with that for all these years).

have 16 with some friends and its extended to any form of kotshena/lan party after the movie.

ROFL @ water melon effect

26- @work spoof the ip of one of the IS managers (who is currently at work) and run aggressive non-masked p2p tunneled downloads, go down to the IS area and watch the facial expressions of the subordinates, have a reason for going down there so they don't relate you with this after doing it many times - remember to include it in your goodbye email if you ever leave the company !

greyscale said...

in No.10 you can try "concerto fe darb sa3aada" or "miramar"...also "ghaby menno feeeh" brings out alot of laughs.

Deeeeeee said...

Gjoe, you cracked me up!! I had a terrible terrible day and now I'm giggling... I missed a *concert, aiwa elli beyeb2o beleil dol* cause I was at work!! Yulla I gotta run ba2a.. I'm in my prom dress and I've got streets to cross!

zekry said...

suggestions for 10
"Juba" ,"Juno" ,"The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" and "Lemony Snicket's: A Series of Unfortunate Events"

Cesario said...

Absolutely Hilarious!!!

Anonymous said...

Wade7 you're having an interesting day at the office ;)! How have you been? Hope your days are nothing short of extra-ordinary!

Mayo said...

Thanks Gjoe for the ideas. I am willing to try 6 and 12 cause mobiles can't any more annoying.
But my favourites are 14 and 18. So when I make the 10 level club sandwich and eat it I would have applied one of the creative ways of suicide.
The facebook group is your part of the deal.

gjoe said...

zekry: Thanks for the all we should find are some victims to play with.
mahdeto: Chaos at work! that's interesting :)
greyscale: LOOOOL..i didn't even know that there are movies with such names :D
Dee:Wada3an ya Deeee!Take care :P
Cesario: Hehe :) Glad you liked them..Now Apply :P
Jukalooong time no see babe..Dubai 3'ayratek..I bet one doesn't a need such lists out there.
MayoLOOOOL! bass enty mesh 3andy 3ala el friends list :D

Anonymous said...

um... number 14-
thats REALLY sadd and wrongg...