Saturday, May 03, 2008

Great News Wrapped in Saddening Circumstances

A couple of days ago, I woke up on great news.I was really really relieved. Sami el Hajj is OUT!After 6 years of Guantanamic suffering , he was finally released. I remember praying for the guy a couple of times. I mean really praying for the guy.Almost nothing in this world is saddening as first-degree injustice.

Then when I actually watched the news at Al-Jazeera, and saw how he was carried by soldiers because he was too weak, and how he was transported right away to the hospital for his health condition, and how much weight he lost, due to hunger strikes..I felt..I felt..I felt angry, frustrated but happy that things will hopefully get better for him.

Then I heard him speak.. with such heavenly perseverance, something out of this world really. I was impressed. He is a living example of strong will.I would never forget the sparkle in his weary eyes, the strength in his weak voice, nor the sadness in his smile. You could not help but respect the guy and wish that we had more like him.I mean no wonder he got locked up.

Although I never heard Al-Hajj speak before, but I got the feeling that imprisonment changed him. Of course it did, but what went through my mind was that 6 years ago maybe the only thing that was of his focus is how to make a living, build up a career,or pursuit an exciting shot worth putting in the news. But now, I believe that he would have a wider perspective of things, more important issues on his minds, more enemies and simply a different life a head of him. But none of that is anything other than speculations of distant viewer.Overall, I think and hope that he got the best out of this situation, although the word "situation" is a terrible understatement.

You could watch a video Here, read more about it Here and Here.

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Habeebet alby, I know exactly your feelings :)

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