Saturday, May 31, 2008

Random Thought

What if I am supposed to be doing something like totally different from what I am doing? What if I am supposed to be a doctor, writer, poet, rock climber, biologist or even a cooking show hostess?

What if I am like totally wasting my time on something really not my best area..How do I know that I have an undiscovered passion or talent in something ?(I tried singing, and it didn't work, so don't even go there)..

These were just speculations I had while studying a subject I am soooo not comfortable with..


Anonymous said...

click me for relief

Sou said...

Great, now you've got me thinking the same. *sigh*

Deeeeeee said...

I get that same thought all the time, that's why I keep engaging in all those irrelevant activities, to see if there's something else I should be doing.. and its basically how I got into the marketing career!

gjoe said...

Mahdeto: I am more confused now :D

Sou: Well, I hope you get answers soon..Bass for me, I'll stop asking these kinda questions starting 2 30 tommorrow isA when I finish my finals :D

Dee: Smart Going(envious look)..ana kan a7'ry el conference essara7a, and doing presentations..Sometimes I think I should be a motivational public speaker..except that I am totally unmotivated these days :D

Ahmed Barakat said...

I had that feeling a while ago. Thats why I am into biking now. And actually I find it really amusing to spend alot of your time in something not related to work/study it will help you enjoy what you are doing more and unlock alot of your potential.

(btw Gjoe you should become a full time blogger :P)

Hawk said...

Well.. This random thought must have come to all of us at a certain point of time.. Either thinking about sth the one might be better at, or sth that sounds cooler to do..
"Thats why I am into being a space cowboy now... just kiddin'"
The problem that when such thoughts start to attack me.. I don't think of other things to do as alternatives.. So I start to think about how to schedule my time so that it can fit for me
being a Metamorphic Software Engineer, a belly-dancer and the President of Cuba!!
Well the jobs are hypothetical of course.. but it goes sth like that!!

gjoe said...

barakat: Mennawar wallahy!Well..yeah I heard(or actually facebook ally) about the biking thing(envious look)..well Good For You Wallahy!

Maybe I'll give some random things a try..!

Hawk: Well Good luck with juggling that around :)..That's what I call multitasking :D

Deeeeeee said...

Shabaab CS menawareen el blogsphere!

Hawk said...

benoorek, Deeee!!

gjoe said...

lazem teshraboh 7aga!!


Hawk said...

NOooo.. Not the Latte Again.. mesh 3arfa el ""2nd Cup"" momken yetla3lena meen feeha el marradi :P
el marra elly fatet gat saleema