Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Grateful Post

El7amdolellah.This what I should be saying for a long time.El7amdolellah I had a good day today..After many days of disappointments and frustration, boredom and loneliness.

So today, started with an exam.Naturally my biological clock was mixed up because of caffiene, distorted sleeping hours and stupid dreams. Just before the exam started the doctor came and told us, "The exam has an official 3 hour.But I have designed a 1 hour exam.You can take all the time you want, but I am telling you it is a short and easy exam" . I was thinking "Great! My brain cells will keep functioning for 1 more hour anyway". The doctor was right.It was an easy to-the-point exam, yet it was a differentiator(Smart doctor, one of my best 3ammatan). Despite my stupid stupid stupid mistake in the exam, I did fine el7amdolellah..and was 2nd to hand in the paper.I was ecstatic to get it over with too quickly. Lately, I have been having this stupid habit of mine of studying really hard the night before the exam, by the time it starts I feel tired to solve it.

Then since a very long time bardo, I went out with old friends. At last I have seen Sina! She has really good disappearing powers. So going out with her along with other college freinds was really refreshing.In an instant, we dropped the attitude of being all-grown-ups with our 9-to-5 jobs and acted really silly, while everybody in the restaurant was watching!

So far so good..Then I went with Sina to see Iron Man. Now this is a really good movie. My sister claims that I loved it merely because I had frequent disappointments,but I beg to differ.It was in fact enjoyable and highly recommended by many :)

I spent most of the time in the movie shabtana fe kamm el Gadgets!Throughout the movie I kept telling sina "Ana 3ayza menndah ya 7ozombol".I mean if you intentionally lowered your IQ level to that of an ancient human being, you could actually think that this is a credible super hero. I'll be honest with you and myself:I like hi-tech movies. I was indeed impressed by this one. And then there is Gwyneth Paltrow. All she had to do is wear high heels, a formal dress, a pony tail and smile.

Then I came home to find my sisters in a surprisingly good mood given that they have an exam tomorrow (pray for them) and I also read a couple of posts that really made me feel content.

El7amdolellah for today. Cause you know what, this too shall pass, and I will enjoy it while it lasts.

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