Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Man3an lel E7rag

I must say that I've embarresed myself more than once ,blabbering nonsense about whatever just to show that I know what I am talking about. I confess it's very ugly, and painful sometimes. But the area I am the weakest the terminology that girls use to describe certain aspects of clothes. Example words are(Some Are Misspelled, I just wrote them down as pronounced ):

Drappe(bekaser el e)
Janjaa :D

These were just a sample of the most common words that girls use and I have to think for a bit before knowing what exactly are they refering to.

You could find me having a conversation like this:

A Friend: Kont fe fara7 ba2a embrae7 wel tallon talla3 3eeny..
Me: Wenty telbesy bana-tallon leeh wenty ray7a fara7 elbesy fostan.
A Friend: Silence (Baby Crying At the Background)
Me (relialsing that I shouldnt have said that): eh ya benty ana bahhazar ma3aky ..hahaha

Me: (asking My sister): Howa eh el tallon dah elly bey2oolo 3aleeh?
Sister: Silence (Another Baby Crying At the Background)...Dah el gazma elly be ka3b ya gjoe.
Me: Ana bat2ked bass ennek 3arfa

You could also easily hear me saying something like this:

El shanta ba2a el cardigan (refering to cordoroi ) elly konty labsaha el marra elly fatet kanet lazeeza..

Man3an lel e7rag, I will stop blabbering the next time I don't understand what I am talking about. But now i know every word on the before-mentioned list and I can confidently start any conversation concerning these terms. 7atta bel amara el gazma el Drappe elly ana lessa gaybaha.


Fadfadation said...

i never heard those words.

Maybe becuase i am a man??? lol

Deeeeeee said...

you remind me of the first time I heard the color liiiiila (refering to lilacs..no3 min elward lonoh banafsegi... may2oulo mauve wala banafsegi ya3ni...), elmohem, kont fi 7'amsa ebteda2i ma3 tant w amira w a7mad fel3arabeya elsob7 w ray7een elnadi... w amira kanet kebeeeeeeeera fi tanya e3dady w kanet 3ayza tegeeb chemise lilaa... tub3an ana w a7mad motna melde7k.. the only word we could associate it with was: "lellaah".. w a3adna ne3'anni 'sha7aat el3'araam beta3et layla mourad.. rawa7 lilaa lilaa', and we kinda still sing it that way! :D

Next time I see you, Hab2a a2ollek what these words are .. AND HOW TO SPELL THEM:P

P.S. Congratulations 3ala London, barkee lelqueen keteer keteeR! :P

Redzo said...

I wanted to say ... ur posts are Magnificent , and really sooooooo funny :)) ... JANJA Yegannen :D try to seek the root of this word :))

Hagar said...

gjoe u made me laugh, ana sa7btk bardo i'll be there if u need anything, Go Girl :D