Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I've been doing a really stupid mistake. Ever since I graduated, I took people's advice concerning my future. Mainly Family and Friends. They told me what they think is better for me. They told me based on their experiences and preferences. The mistake relies in that I really forgot what I want. Its sounds very trivial problem, but I really don't think that I know what I want anymore. I am confused. What's best for me? What should I hunt for in my life? I want to be happy just like anybody else. But how?Should I go for a oh-so-glamorous career that might result in an unbalanced life? Should I sit home for a while, take a break and have some fun? Should I take the masters degree?Should I be a TA?Should I try to do all that? I don't know. I really dont. Even now when I sit down and think what do I really want to do, I just recall all the advices and get even more confused.I don't know who is right and who is wrong.

I know that I am entitled to do my own mistakes. That's my right,you know, to learn from them and all that. But I dont want to get stuck at a job that I don't want for example. I want to try as much as possible make right choices in life.
I prayed est7'ara..maybe not as much as I did for example before entering college. But Still I get all these conflicting signs that sometimes make me feel even more confused. I mean a couple of days ago some friend told me that I should go for the maximum. I should go as far as I can. She made me convinced. Nothing would stop me.I will try to work hard and prove myself and blabla bla. Then at the evening I saw this sit-com where a mother quits a really good job opportunity because her kids felt that their mom is not as available as she used to be. This means that there are things that get in the way.Major things.There are things that would and will stop me. and that maybe I shouldn't be shooting for the top. Just a satisfactory job position.

Can you see my point? I am making choices mainly based on what people think and what I watch on TV. That is a major mistake on its own. I forgot about me and what I want.
Maybe the problem is that I am thinking too much. Maybe that career thing is so overrated. There are things in life that should take my attention at least as half as much. Such as my health, my family and the happiness of people around me.

I am still confused!


Redzo said...

immmmm Gjoe's confused ... leih bass ... u've been confused when we talked last time on the msn ... but the problem is u are overestimating the situation ... u have just to give less thoughts ... Don’t use machine gun to kill mosquito!! ... u don need all these ...what i mean is your not gonna change your career u still in COMPUTERS AND INFORMATION field even if ur gonna work for sales is goin to add something to ur experiences. taking a wrong decision will not throw u in hell . it is just the start and when u try u r gonna figure out what is the best and most suitable for u . it's OK to quit to get a better job, even if u'll be a TA u can quit too. so don be afraid to take the decision, but try first replan ur throughts, in other words to restructure ur brain, and I think a piece of paper would be useful,telling urself "My Objects are ..., My priorities are ... , my career characteristics are ... ,what i want to be in 10 years ...,and then write down all available options and see which would fit the most. at the end el estekhara will never lead u to worse choice. good luck

Deeeeeee said...

Ottety... :(

E3meli este7'aaara!!