Saturday, August 11, 2007

Makan Esmoh "El-Watan"

People have the most diverse perception of what to call "home". Some consider it a place with family and friends, some consider it a place where one can feel safe and secure. Others simply think of it as a place you say its name when people ask you where you're from. A place from where you get your passport and travel the farthest away from it. Some people never saw their homeland and they might feel that they are not missing out on anything.

I have a confession to make. I cannot define what does homeland mean to me. I cannot define or give an estimate measure of how much I like/dislike this country.
I tried to ask myself some questions as to lead me somewhere.

Will I ever travel abroad if I got the chance? No. I don't want to deliberately leave "home".

Will I ever travel if there was a war here? I will seriously consider the choice.

Will I consider a better job opportunity if abroad? Yes.

What do I hate the most about "home"? Corruption and Hypocrisy.

What do I love the most about "home"? Warmth,Family and Food.. :) I dont know..I think I just feel I Belong here.

What do I want to change the most about "Egyptians"? I hope People would be more tolerant and compassionate towards one another. and the way they drive :)

What do I want to stay the same in "Egyptians"? Their sense of humor and endurance.

Do I ever think "ana 7'osara fel balad deh"? No. Never.

Do I ever think "eh el balad el mota7'allefa deh,mafeesh keda fel denya"? Yes. All the time.

What Do I think is the weirdest thing about the Egyptian Society? The WIIIDE diversity. From one extreme to another.

Do I feel Proud Being an Egyptian? I think this is a highly overrated question. I dont feel proud of anything unless I did it myself, or helped someone do it. So No I dont feel proud simply because a bunch of really strong, persistent Egyptians built the pyramids thousands of years ago(They should be proud). Maybe I'll ask myself this question 10 years from now.

Makan Esmoh el Watan. Makan Esmoh Masr.

Inspired By: Makan Esmoh el Watan TV Program on OTV

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Fadfadation said...

Your answers are as if i was answering

bas i have to say... el watan is (to me) family, friends, memories, locations (our house- our farm house- our vacation places...etc.), and history.