Thursday, June 19, 2008

How a Geek would teach his kid the alphabets

A for Array

B for Blog

C for Cast

D for Debug

E for Ebay

F for Facebook

G for Gmail

H for Hashing

I for Interface

J for Java

K for Kit

L for Limewire

M for Method

N for Nintendo

O for Override

P for Polymorphism

Q for Query

R for Routing

S for Swing

T Torrent

U for Ubunto


W for Wikipedia

X for XML (or XKCD)

Y for Yield

Z for Zip


Ahmed Barakat said...

C'mon GJoe !
I for Inheritance

Deeeeeee said...

F for Function Overloading!!!

zekry said...

i think mohamdy w maher w barakat hay3mlo keda m3a 3eyalhom :P

C for Class
K for Kaspersky
Y for YouTube

Deeeeeee said...

W ba3dein eh elli beye7sal l-esharet elmorour? :D

gjoe said...

Barakat : 3andak 7a2..bass el interface la 3'ena 3annoh le ayy Geek.

Dee: Sana Tanya flashbacks.

Zekry: I had youtube w sheltaha, 7aseet too many websites :)
Bass yalla, koll geek 3ala add dammoh :P

m@hdeTo said...

B for Balking
E for Enum
F for Facade
G for Google!! or Guard
L for Luser/Linux or List
N for Network!
T for Template

and yes my son will learn this way !!! (mostafa knows C++ ~4-5 years now)

insomniac said...


i can't stop laughing

Ahmed Barakat said...

I know this could sound offensive, but I can't resist I have to say it ..

What 'd a geek do with an interface that he can't inherit from :P ?

gjoe said...


Can't argue with that (Y)

Bass what I meant with interface was the shallow-kinda-interface, ya3ny el GUI..I..ya3ny Microsoft..soft..ya3ny el bugs..ugs..ya3ny el "End Now"..Now..
w samma3na a7la salam le koll el geeks elly 3amaloh comments!

la2 bass 7elwa :)

Hawk said...

we 7abba foaaaaa2.. we 7abba taaaa7t.. we eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh.. enta bet2oool eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!!

G For GPS-enabled handheld device
K For Kernel

m@hdeTo said...

he would implement it ya barakat ! aka Realize it ! no inheritance needed here

zekry said...

B for Barakat
D for Deeeeee
G for G-joe
H for Hawk
M for Mahdeto
Z for Zekry

i think ma feesh geek words a7san men keda :P

m@hdeTo said...

well said friend !

Amy said...


Deeeeeee said...

Sana tanya flashbacks?

C for ++!