Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sbelling Mistakes

I have to admit that I have terrible spelling capablities. I will write this post as is. No corrections.I will not rely on firefox's spelling checking and you would see for yourself how bad my spelling can be. Not to menton the grammer mistakes I does sometimes.

I'll write a very random sequence of sentences including words that I ALWAYS misspell.

"I think I will have a permenent problem with spelling. I think it is asocciated with the fact that I type fast and have someone to clean up the mess I left behind.The spelling mistakes usually acsend in complixity and frequency as I go on. Generally speaking, my spelling mistakes have certain characterstics. It is always almost about missing a vowel or transposing 2 letters."

"I get bored very easy. and one of my fatal flaws is that I have no committiment towards anything I should do. I have no daily usefull habits. I could never take a certain medication for more than 2 days, I occasuoinly wear my retainer and it took me 4 years to be on the seriuos track to get my driver's lisence. I admit that it is a pychological-related probelm. I immediatly think to myself that "it's boring to continue like this for long."Or the consquences of not doing what I am supposed to do is not drastic so I just don't .Yeah I know, it is such a not very beuatiful habit (elmafrood a2ool ugly habit, bass i don't misspell ugly.) "

Other words I mispell w ma3reftesh a7ottaha fe gomal mofeeda:
advice or advise? feeh wa7da noun wel tanya verb

P.S.: I am seriuosly considering not to always proofread some of my posts for the fun of it. The Post is almost entirly underlined!


Sou said...

That was both entertaining and painful to read, haha. I get quite edgy about spelling because I've been taught since my itsy bitsyness to spell like a dictionary; the torture one had to endure under the British curricula! With that being said, I make spelling/grammatical mistakes too - I am human after all ya3ni - and when I do, correcting the mistake depends on whether I give a damn, or if I notice it. (It's usually the latter - told you I'm edgy, lol :p)

"Advise" is the verb btw. :)

Amy said...

Tebical Jemeny!!!!


insomniac said...

advice: ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use spell check! and grammar too :)

*said with love*

and FYI, we all have our spelling mistakes :) but some of use spell check

oh and another FYI, u did use "asocciated"

xero said...

hehehehehe .. mas5ara , thank god for spell checkers

gjoe said...

Sou: Thanks for the advice ya sou!and I apologize for any edginess I caused..hehehe

Amy:yeah..ool jemeny ool za tayme

Inso: 7adher ya Inso :).ah btw, your nick name is one of the words I always misspell too..that's why dayman baddala3ek w a2ollek inso for short :)

Xero:Long Live Spell Checkers!

Sou said...

Don't apologise! I meant I get edgy at my own spelling/grammatical mistakes; I should've clarified, haha.