Monday, June 04, 2007

Ubiquitous Technology!

I can nearly estimate the creativity or the open-mind-ness of the person in front of me when i hear them say something like this "I think we invented everything! i mean what else could they do?We have all this wireless technology and we have electricity, we went to space.. and a whole bunch of luxuries that are useless anyways...yeah, I think we are done with technology..we reached the limit and we can't do any better"..I met a couple of people who are thinking that way..And I really hope they live long enough to be proven wrong by one invention after another..
People had similar ideas when they first had the steam engine! They were very wrong indeed..

Well, If you think we reached some kind of a climax in inventing things.Please take a look at this video.Then think again.

I Think We Are Just Beginning.


Fadfadation said...

I think there is no end aslan! :)

Deeeeeee said...

I think there's hope en elbalad di sha7'seyan yetla3 minha 7aga.. toul ma fee sanafer...

P.S. Don't be judgemental, I'm one of the people who always has the "everything's already been invented attitude all the time" even though I know its not true!

zandy said...

Well i always do say 7'alas kfaya keda we had it all or at least I have it all. but actually secretly i know that there will always be that new thing, this new invention that is being a trend and i typically hate coz i hate trends, but then i will just love it, and feel like i can't do without anymore, like mobile phones when they first became a trend in egypt, or when they added cameras ba2a :D !!! i remember many ppl thinking " Now what do i need a camera for" now they just can't live without it :D

gjoe said...

One of the hardest things about inventions i believe is "creating a need" for it. That's the marketing's ppl job! But I still hope there are lots to come and i don't mind trends if they would make my life easier. And that coffee table is exactly what i need! :P. I've always hated syncing things up and all the flash devices and the bluetooth technology..that is soo last century :P

P.S.: I think fe3lan ppl like el sanafer are actually the kinda ppl crazy enough to create such things!Rabbena ye7'aleehom le masr :)