Friday, June 01, 2007


Its June Already..The reason am excited about June is that first Its gonna be the LAST month in my educational life. Also June happens to be my birth month. and This year i' m turning 21!!

meaning i can go to prison, drink and watch adult movies!Alot of privileges i didnt have in the past and really doesn't add anything anyway :) I really anticipated June for so long now..
I also like summer time in general leaving out the terrible weather..June,specifically , would be a milestone in my life..

P.S: I have absolutely no plans about what i'm going to do after graduation ..So Im not really liking July right now.

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Fadfadation said...

Yaah, 21.... it seems so distant from me now. I don't know to feel sad or be happy i lived this long... :)

Happy birthday anyways :)