Thursday, June 28, 2007


About one year and 7abba keda ago, when tamer went to jail , I thought that the guy just ended his career and the best thing he would hope for is struggling for a come back that nobody cares about..
I thought of him as a hypocryte or atleast that what it seemed to be. I felt this wierd disgust from the guy. Maybe alot of young men do the same as he did..but i hate arguments that start with " ma koll el nass bet3mel keda"
Anyways, I thought that everbody would turn against him. I thought that people ,fans or no fans, would stop listening to him after he lost his credibility. I mean the guy is going to jail for goodness sake.
I was never that wrong in my life (excluding the time i thought interior ministry in Riyadh is a real space ship).

You could forgive the guy..but like him? sympathize with him? get addicted to his songs?think he is a victim of "el nas el 7aqooden el we7sheen"? Fall for his argumenet "ma koll el nass bet3mel keda"? No thanks!

How on earth did he became more famous? More likable? Funnier?and THAT FAST?
and what were these posters all about? I didn't believe that they actually are having this "Wa7shtena" billboard for the guys who is not going to even see it..

I can never comprehend what is happening to the Egyptian mentality.

"w 3eyoon sa7ya te7'ally balha men ardaha" --tshamer

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Fadfadation said...

Ya gjoe,

it proves...

1- how shallow minded many youngsters are.

2- We have no living idols so we modelize someone like him (not that i hate him, but he should'nt be a hero after what he did).

3- military service is something all guys escape from (they even pay money, cut their toes and other wierd things to aviod inlisting). Military service is not an honour anymore lelasaf!

4- Our soceity is crumbling...el soos akal el naas. As a starter, i blame: country leadership (not inspiring or with a vision), education system, families (no values) amound others.

He might be a good person and maybe did a mistake...who knows... gayez it3'ayar.