Thursday, June 07, 2007

My Day Before Graduation

If You Have Been On Dee's Blog or Zandy's you would probably know that we are graduated..Or at least we finished our finals..I thought of blogging what i did on the last Day.. Just for the record of it..It was

On The Last Day Before Unofficial graduation:
- I had corn flakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner
-I watched "zawget ragol mohem" for the first time in my life. I cried.(not cried cried..but had a couple of tears)
-I had a phone call on my mobile from Sheen Meem(she asked me too keep her identity anonymous due to..i don't know)She told me she dreamed of telling me that how much she learned from me and that she expects us to have great friendship and that i was an inspiration to her. I was Surely Overwhelmed. I didn't know what to say.She made me very happy!
- I studied a bit for the exam.
- I was about to join my sister to watch friends when my mom came and sat down.Heard a joke.Couldn't take it. and stayed the rest of the day monitoring what we're watching.
- I discussed with H what to wear tomorrow.She recommended a green cardigan that i wear in winter.So I didn't get much help. Its not like am shallow. But i just want a good memory and i want also to say one day,"shoofo mameteko kanet sheek ezzay"..but whatever i'll wear would be outfashioned by the time i have children. doesn't really matter!
- Daydreamt alot..But mostly flashbacks.I spent an hr remembering details of my first day @ college..That day of worst indeed..Not that bad things happened as in the new-guy-in-school movies type of days.But it was a turned out okay though..
- i didn't drink one single cup of coffee!!Im liberated!!
- I paniced at abt 10 pm. Had a time plan and figured that i need at least 30 hrs to finish what i have to do. I only had 24 by then.
- Was on MSN all day long.
-I checked a lot of blogs too..all interesting :)
- Every time my parents pass by they are like "ennahrda a7'er yoom ya oojy..Rabbena ma3aky..arrabty te7'allsy?" me : "isA 7'eer.."

All In All...Im Glad that i have good memories of my college life. I had very good friends whom i want to sincerly keep forever.



Nouran said...

Meeen ba2a sheen meeen ya geeego ell shakseya el wahmeya that made ur day back then??

zandy said...

aywa nefsy a3raf meen sheen meeem :D :P
bs i don't remember 7'ales that day.. i just remember me daydreaming keda :D w worrying about my next exam.. bs now that you said it la2 7abtedy a7'od baly ba2a mesh 3arfa emta bs bardo lessa feeh yomein kaman aho :D

Fadfadation said...

Mabrouk as a starter.

Which major? did you work already?