Tuesday, August 12, 2008

People who

There is a couple of stuff that total strangers do that totally get on my nerves for sometimes no justifiable reason. Here is a few:

1- People who are lazy to walk up/down the escalators. I don't know why people like to stand in the escalators instead of moving. I mean it is made to make things faster, not people lazier. w ba3deen if you are too lazy to move, please take a side so that others can pass.

2- Close-talkers:Buzz off will ya?.. begad i NEED my personal space.

3- Za7ma-creators: This includes roughly 80% + of Egyptians. But in general it includes taxi drivers who slow down in "the middle of the road" to pick up people,; People who go 3aks el etgah be dahrhom 3ashan they missed an exit, and even the annoying fact that we simply and genetically can not form a decent line to wait for our turn.

4- People who drag their feet while walking and make a "shhhhht-shhhht" sound with their sandals/shebsheb/shoes.

5-Pedestrians that walk in a narrow street with total disregard of the cars. They can actually see/hear a car coming from behind or infront of them and don't care to stop or move aside la7ad lamma el 3arabya te3addy.Tana7a keda w la mobalaah.

6- W aktar 7aga betnarfezny (w tewadeeny keda w tegbny) people who play songs on thier mobiles w homma mashyeen. Most of the time these are teenage girls w beyb2a ma3ahom mobile nokia w 3'aleban beysh3'alloh tamer 7osny or shereen. No one asked you to entertain the streets thank you very much. Kindly try headphones, and definitely you DON'T ever ever sing a long fel sahre3.

I am starting to believe that I am living in the wrong country.


jessyz said...

Ana mewaf2a mot, bas number 1 mo3tareda. Some of us have fallen on escalators so are somewhat reluctant to run up and down them, even if it means we are labeled lazy.

gjoe said...

:( LOL mashy ya lazy-escalator-stand-er!

To tell you the truth, i have always had a "hages" of having my shoe laces trapped between el 7agat beta3et el esclators and i always remind myself enn law dah 7asal, a2la3 el gazma besor3a geddan, otherwise..I don't want to even consider the consequences :)

m@hdeTo said...

i do the shebsheb thing on purpose!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the annoyances that make up Cairo, if you're starting to notice (or get unusually ticked off), then Fairouz's Zorooni is not doing the trick, try a different song.

marooned84 said...

about the last one, I remember about a month aho (yes I do remember it for so long) it was in the metro and it was crowded as ever and there's this shankooti guy playing a song out loud for I dunno who, someone sha3ban can be called an artist compared to him. I remember it so clear because it really made me angry all day that I had 2 listen 2 that crap for 2 stations.

Frustrated said...

ya shei7'a malkeash 7a2!! ba2a di 7agat tenarfez? ama anti 3aleki 7agat ya gjoe!! w belnesba lel nas eli bted7'ol shaware3 daia2a wrong w tefdal wa2fa metana7a f wesh el nas eli gaia sa7 w m3ataleen shar3ain kamleen for about halh an hour or so l 7ad m wlad el 7alal yenzelo yetabtabo 3aletnain?!! wala sawa2een el micro-bus eli bied7'olo wrong bardo w taireen ye7'batolhom ai 7ad w yegro?
A7la 7aga ba2a 3andena f iskenderia, 3araf el tram?? fi tram esmo tram el balad, biemshi f west el share3 keda, el sawa2 beio2af 2odam forn el 3eish w yenzel yo2af fel taboor!!
yeb2a enta akeed akeed f masr:)

gjoe said...

Frustrated: wade7 ennek frustrated fe3lan :)

insomniac said...

i am a lazy escalator stander :P

i use escalators to rest between my walking episodes :ppppppp

i cant' wait till we go to a mall together, i am definitely standing still on the escalator and i might even "asha7tef" be whatever i am wearing just to spite u :))))

with love!

gjoe said...

me and moi can't wait too!

Cesario said...

the mobile thing is the next logical step to Sonbol's "elo cassett bey3mely eema", so people they're being el wad el cool on the block. Pathetic(note the capital P).
All I can say WELCOME TO EGYPT, the land of the FAROOS.

gjoe said...

Mama ba2et bet2ool welcome to Egypt to everything!! begad she uses it too frequently, she is using it instead of "saba7 el 7'eer"

مها said...

people who play songs on thier mobiles w homma mashyeen..
you want them to give up their Egyptian Nationality wala eih??!!

Mona said...

I stand on the escalator, but let people pas. #5 Is the WORST...seriously..why do people think they own the road? This happens in stores too. I'll be pushing my cart in Carrefour and kindly wait for some lady to notice she's in the way and when I finally say, "law samaht" they ever so slightly shift to the side without even looking at me. In the US people don't stand in the way and if they do, they say sorry or acknowledge you in some way.