Monday, August 25, 2008

Purposeless Post

I have many unpublished posts. Mostly rant, post-fight emotions, ranging from simple quarrels that are actually funny, to waves of rage. Mostly they talk about the same thing, how confused I am, how uncertain I have become, how angry, apathetic and in total despair.

I am starting to get into a "I don't like this blog anymore" phase. I think a lot of closing it, or abandoning it, or just leave it to rot in the blogosphere.. Other times, when I write a new post and feel that I recorded something down, something that might be of a tiny winy use, I feel glad that I still have it.

But to be honest, I don't speak my head off when I write in this blog anymore. I never did actually, but now it is even more. Always the:I should say this, I must not say that. No rant about work no rant about family no rant about friends, no rant at all!! All my rants are unpublished. It is not that I mind, I mean the process of writing down what I feel and channeling out whatever useless and unrelated series of thoughts is good enough for me.

Tesba7o 3ala 7'eer.


MeMo said...

this is the price you pay for using your public identity :)

Mona said...

It's good to get those feelings out, even if it's just in a draft. I hope you keep posting!

[-daisy-] said...

well oojy your posts entertain me very much when I am bored or when I am alone I read it on a regular basis I think you should keep posting's good to know that someone cares to read even if it's only a single person:D

gjoe said...

Memo: You bet.

Mona: Yes, drafts are nice to keep! Relieving. isA i will, ana bass sa3at ba2fesh keda 3ala nafsy :)

Daisy: My blog entertains you when your bored! hmmmm, Well that is a motivation to keep posting :D
W ba3deen you are not just a single person, you are a friend ya 3abeeta :P

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Anonymous said...

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