Saturday, August 16, 2008

A suggested list for the fellow Egyptians

I think Egyptians should start doing the following:

1- Acknowledging bikes as reliable means for transportation. Also carpooling would not be bad.

2- Listening to the weather news, specially at turbulent times like fall, winter and spring :)

3- Reading other stuff than the newspaper.

4- Reading other sections in the newspaper other than sports.

5- Taking daily shower, specially if using public transportation

6- Giving a damn.

7- Gardening.

I think also they should stop doing the following now we are at it:

1- Littering

2- Smoking

3- Watching Noor

4- Complaining


marooned84 said...

Gardening? I can't believe u wrote that! well, what are they supposed 2 garden? I don't think u can garden anything without gardens, can u?

I'm with u on the Noor thing though, and the rest are just epidemic social diseases that wouldn't change in the meantime, it's even intensifying.

as to complaining, it's the best to do whenever u have a problem u know, throw it on someone else :)

gjoe said...

LOL.. mesh 3arfa ya marooned, ba7es 7aga as "stoo7 el 3omarat" is like totally underutilized !

Bass mesh 3ayez ne garden balash.. yesta7emmoh el awel and then we could start from there :D

M@hdeTo said...

2,6 will actually make it worse :P

Hawk said...

balash fadaye7 bel englizy ya e7'wanna!!!!!!!!!
As for Noor.. I wasn't sure what it is until recently.. on, there has been a vote discussing the Noor issue.. and actually I thought they were talking about the Lebanese actress Noor.. later on, I discovered the Turkish TV-Series having that title.. mesh di Noor elly enty asdek 3alaiha bardo, walla asdek el actress, walla Noor beta3 Malaf el Mostaqbal?!

Frustrated said...

Well, for bikes, I think all Egyptians need a real diet here before even thinking about it. As for listening to the weather news, I think that this is something they should stop doing it! it's called "al fashra al gaweia":)
Reading stuff other than newspaper!! u must be kidding here my dear! Most of the Egyptians stopped reading newspaper men aiam ma ba2et b 1 L.E!!
I like the idea of gardening the roofs and I totally agree with the NOOR thing!! In fact I think we should send letters to some one in charge asking to stop this TV show from torching us on all those channels:)

مها said...

Giving a damn?!!!!!
Could they do even better!!!!!!!!

zekry said...

ana 3ayz azwed haga nefsy kol el egyptians ye3mlooha
nefsy yefhamo w yenfzo el concept bta3 el queue "first come first served" mesh mabda2 el hamgya wel ghawgha2ya ely ehna mashyeen beeh da

gjoe said...

mahdeto: asdak eh :P

hawk: wallahy Noor dah, elly may3rafoh, yonfo7' fel zabady..

Frustrated: GOOOD point! lazem ye3mloh diet el awel :D

Maha: Of course they can!!

<>zekry:<> Ma3lesh el comment dah makanoh fe post tany.(People Who). I already mentioned the za7ma creators beynarfzoony add eh!

Hawk said...

Not Knowing Noor = Las3 fesh-Shorba

Mona said...

I'm in Hurghada but I have heard Cairo has become even more horrific in terms of crowding , traffic and pollution. I can't stand Noor and I've never seen an episode. Why is it on 4 when it's arabic and there are no subtitles? Littering is the number one thing I hate about this country. Nice blog;)

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