Thursday, August 14, 2008

Too late

I opened firefox in frustration in order to rant in the blog about some stuff that are bothering me. By the time I opened the New Post page, I cooled off and I am actually content. Are my mood swings too fast? Is Firefox too slow to keep up?

P.S: I am enjoying that everybody is fel sa7el. Seriously, the country is amazingly quiet, the traffic is perfect, and I am having good practice on my driving el7amdolellah. Actually el balad fadya le daraget enny 7assa enn mesh heya deh Cairo elly ana 3arfaha, and I sometimes feel as if I AM fe masyaf.


Cesario said...

God bless August and Marina for keeping the streets of Cairo empty.Heaven!!!

gjoe said...

AAmeeeen :)

Frustrated said...

Awalan Frustrated or frustration or whatever is 72oo2 melkeia fekreia:)
Thanian, tab el balad fadia 3andokom, kwaies, el nas kolaha tigi 3andena leaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

gjoe said...

Sa3b wallahy mawdoo3 ennek teb2y lewa7dek frustrated dah :)..كلنا فرستراتد :)

w mawdoo3 el nass kollaha fe Alex dah, awel marra a7'od baly enn el mawdoo3 dah fe3lan moken yedaye2 alex residents.. bass 7'alas hanet..kollaha osboo3 wel za7ma ba7 :)

marooned84 said...

I think el fekra en el nas btro7 alex wel sa7el telga2 fel shaware3, enama hna bi3odo fel takieef :)

مها said...

& those who didnt join
the Sa7eelists and the Marinists are-Thank God Tones- the most polite among Egyptians(TrafficWise)