Friday, August 22, 2008


I decided that this Ramadan insha'Allah I will try to read the Qura'an differently. Year after year, and time after time, I read many verses that i could not understand, or misunderstood. I decided that I will read it slower this time but just to read it better. I will probably try reading out of ketab tafseer. I mean if I could get deeper meanings out of novels I read and movies I watch, I better get deeper meanings from the verses of the Quraan.

The main thing that I want to understand is: coherency. I don't know if others have these questions or not, but I usually wonder why a certain Suraah is named a certain name, or why are these two seemingly different topics mentioned beside each other in the same Suraah? Why is the most mentioned prophet Story is Sayedna Musa with Bany-Israel? I have many other questions that have to do with the Arabic structure of the Ayahs and whether there is a significance of the ordering of the Surahs, the circumstances behind some Ayahs and Suraahs that would definitly clarify a lot of things about the Quraan. I am sad that I know so much about other things (that might be even useless) than I know about what Allah has to say to humanity.


Belya said...

May I suggest something, I guess you should keep a pen and paper by your side. Just to write questions as soon as they pop in your mind or to write down some understandings of certain verses.
Sa3at RABENNA beyefta7 3ala 3ebadoh befehm sa7ee7, bass beyeb2a 3'eir el-tafseer el-dareg. Yet if you have such blessin, you should always re-check tafseer books or scholars so as not to be mis-lead by your understanding.
One other thing, keep a verse or more per day that you spend time thinking of. Not tafkeer, tafakkor

gjoe said...

That is a very nice idea!! Thanks Belya, or as they say : Jazaka Allaho 7'ayran!

jessyz said...

Rabena yefta7 3aleki ya gjoe isa.

Deeeeeee said...

Ouji, I'm so in on this wonderful idea! I'll try to do the same (hata7'di feya thawab 3ashan ba2aledek :) )

zekry said...

great idea (Y)
i'll try to do the same isA
i think law 7ata ma le72tsh akhtmo hayb2a better than eny akhtmo wana mesh fahm mo3zm ma3any el ayat
w keda hatkhdy feya sawab zay ma hatkhdy sawab fe Deee (keda ana w Deee han7sdk 3la el sawab da kolo eb2y edeena shwya b2a :D )

marooned84 said...

I wanted 2 read a tafseer since I dunno how many years!
well, I suggest u read 2 or 3 different tafaseer for a single big surah (like Al-Bakara for example) and it would be much better than reading the whole Quraan just for thawab like most people do. u'd be amazed how different tafaseer contradict each other, especially if u compare between 2 different schools like Ibn Katheer and Al-zamakhshari.

Frustrated said...

Salamo 3alekom,
Ramadan karim:)
First, of course it is a very nice idea, ,takabal Allah menk isA.
But if you allow me, I may disagree with you in something. I think that thawab al kera2a fi ramadan is something we cannot afford to loose! that's why most people try to finish reading the whole quraan more than one time. Of course you know that reading just one letter in ramadan thawaboh much more reading it in other days. I also think that reading quraan in a way to understand things deeply as much as we can is something that can be done in days other than ramadan (aiam ramadan forsa l kasb akbar thawab momken), i know that we all say that we have no time to read tafseer or so in ordinary days, but believe me, we waste a lot of time every day!! I am among those who say that there is no time, but i know i can provide time if i have stronger intentions!!(la7zet sara7a:))
Anyway, have you listened to Amr Khalid few years ago in "khawater qor2aneia"? I don't even know if you are among those who just hate Amr!! This book is great, it is not tafseer or any thing, it just highlights few things about each surah, like its name & asbab al nozool, that when you read you have a broader vision. Here is what I intend to do isA, I intend to read the part concerning each surah before reading it, then read in a trial to grasp as much as I can. Allaho Al musta3an. What do you think?
Here is a link to the book in case you want to download it:
Kol sana wenti taieba,
Allahoma bale3'na ramadan.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard of the series "khawaatir qur'aaniyya" by Amr Khaled?

It's a series about the Qur'an -- not a tafsir -- but a way to facilitate your understanding of the Qur'an. It really helped me a lot!

Also, if you're going for a tafsir, I wouldn't suggest reading a massive book or multiple tafaasir -- you do want to balance between understanding and the reward of khatm al-Qur'an! So I would suggest a shorter tafsir, like:

تيسير الكريم الرحمن في تفسير كلام المنان
ل- عبد الرحمن بن ناصر السعدي

It's a more contemporary tafsir, and does a wonderful job of explaining things, with brevity.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting! I just saw the post above mine, which also recommends "khawaatir Qur'aaniyya"!

Sadly, it looks like blogger messed up both links to the lectures and books? The link I put down should end in an ".html"

gjoe said...

Frustrated and Anonymous:

Thanks Alot for the valuable advice. As a matter of fact, I appreciate Amr Khaled very much and he had a tremendous impact on my life.
I did check the links and they were very enlightening. Ana fakra fe3lan the TV program bass kan beyeegy fe wa2t el 3asr keda w kont bab2a lessa rag3a mel gam3a fa i watched only a few episodes.
I think what I will do is that I would read from el mos7af straight, bass I would refer to ketab el tafseer constantly for checking and explanation.
Thanks Again :) Your comments are highly appreciated!