Friday, August 24, 2007

Nawwart Masr..Nawwart Masr..Nawwart Masr

Sometimes it occurs to me that Egyptians are not creative at all. I know this is a false stereotype. To prove it wrong, I would say that I consider myself a creative Egyptian.:P

To prove it right, have you ever watched that no-longer aired commercial about Egypt tourism?
The one with all the celebrities in Egypt, standing in line and everyone say just one line" Nawwart Masr" keda, very bluntly. No Creativity at all. Just the same line over and over and over and over again. And the wide smiles they have on their faces!!I mean these are actors for goodness sake. The easiest thing they do is put a wide smile on thier faces and say welcome!

Egyptians are creative. The problem is that they "beystasehloh". I mean how much effort did it take them to pull this commercial off? Nothing. Give it some thought!
I mean using celebrities in commercial is a long used and proven to be effective strategy. But use it right. 7'aloohom ye3'annoh maslan, ye2ofoh fe dayra w ye2oolha ma3 ba3deehom fe nafas wa7ed, 7add yekkashr for a change.

I see this commericial and i I feel embarrassed. I feel like I want to spend my vacation in Turkey, Malayia or even KSA (Jeddah..3'eeer). Anywhere but here.

I sensed this summer that Arabs are not as everywhere in Egypt as they used to be. There are a lot of Arabs, but not as before. Funny enough i just read a report in the newspaper that the number Arab tourists has decreased to 15% this July. They claimed that it is because hotels have increased their residential costs. So, they escaped to Turkey and Malaysia.

If you ask me, I think that its that commercial...Nawwart Masr!


Deeeeeee said...

Did you know that relative to last year, the number of Arab tourists in Egypt dropped by 15% and if the August rate stays the same it'd be a 20% drop in August (kanet maktouba felAhram a couple of weeks ago) cause of changes they made in hotel fares for arabs. They're not unified.. you pay according to your PASSPORT, there's actually a Saudi who's suing the ministry of tourism for it!! Bss akeed el drop 3ashan el e3lan :)

Deeeeeee said...

W ba3dein, commercials bezaat 3andena are very creative, take for example 'elqera2a lelgamee3'. Talla3i all the celebs. betoo3 nawart masr again ye2oulo you should read, add tamer hosni cause he's outta jail.. Alf mabrouk ya Tamer wa7ashtena! ":)" And its a totally new idea of a creative advertisement!!

And as a friend of mind would say:

"eldeen lellaah welqeraa2a lelgamee3!" :)

gjoe said...

3ala fekra ya deee i was referring to that same article in the newspaper that you read. I read it yesterday (konna farsheen el gornan 3ala el tarabeeza we7na benakol)

bass tab3an dah kalam gareyed w kollena 3arfeen enn el e3lan el sabab :D

P.S: You destroyed my next post about e3lan el qera2a lel gamee3..oh well..i'll just copy paste it and give it a title

Deeeeeee said...

NO kidding! That same gornan was on the dining table 3andena embare7 bardo, bss makonash benakol henak (u know ba2a ;) )

Mak said... know, I heard this ad cost them 7 million..... and all for what... I'd say "nawart masr" for a quarter pounder. :)

gjoe said...

Would You Like Fries With That Sir? :D

Juka said...

I agree, it's a terrible ad. More so cause there is so much more to the country, I mean the Turky advertisement is outta this world!! I think they should give Sandra Nash2at a shot at portraying Egypt.

nabt-al-ardh said...

salam... share with u the power of prayer and power of hope...keep swiming or flying..have u seen flying fish? it is such a the way Jedda is a beautiful city..but not in summer..
when the child within is lost so is creativity..God bless u