Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Old/New Interests

Since I am not working yet, there is nothing much to do except some hang outs, TV and internet.
I was a reader once. I used to read a lot, that people picked and made fun of me. It was a part of my character (along with the glasses I used to wear,yea..I had the total looks) .On holidays whenever we go out, I had to have a book. I didn't enjoy people's company as much as I did books.

Something happened since then. I stopped reading as I used before. I think I must re-gain this lost beautiful habit. specially with all the time I have doing almost nothing :D.

But I want to read in very new things. Not just novels. I want to read about astronomy, Islamic Books,Biographies, and Sociology. I also read some arabic poetry some place over the internet, I didnt understand it awy but I thought that it would be nice to enrich my arabic vocab with words nobody uses anymore .

To Deee : I will start with that Pride and Prejudice :$.

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