Thursday, August 09, 2007

Watch Out for the coming cliche: This is a life-changing book. I greatly recommend it to anyone suffering from any kind of mild to severe depression. It is very healing and very soothing.Whenever you feel down and want any level of comforting, this book is like a person hugging you, patting on your back and telling you everything is going to be okay.

But there is something about this book. If you read it when you are not sad, it wont have a great impact, you would say..This guy is telling me stuff I already know. You have to read it when you are blue, otherwise it would be rather out of context somehow.

Things I liked about the book:

- The Title: Straight forward. The content is just reasons for why you shouldn't be sad.

- The structure:It is not divided into chapters, sections, or partitions. It is grouped into paragraphs..So, wherever you open the book and start reading you would feel much better!

- The writing style: the sentences rhyme, the guy writes smoothly and uses very accurate words to describe things. At some point while i was reading the book, i forgot that it was a book i was reading, but rather a person talking to me. A person smiling to me saying that you could live life happier, and more cheerfully than you are.

Lessons Learned:
- I will make a choice of living every single day as happily as possible.
- I will always focus on the bright side of things
- I will always Thank God for the blessings He gave me.
- I will always try to make people around me happier and more assured about themselves.
- I will never worry about the future.
- I will never spend too much time mourning the past.
- I will no longer live in fear..I am liberated from the 24/7 fear system I was living in. It tied my up, It prevented me from doing lots of things (including driving a car)..Fear made me feel like I am 60 years old.

I know myself. and I know that soon enough I will gradually lose the enthusiasm I am now having after reading the book. That's why I am blogging this, so that I can capture this that i can read it back in sad times.

just the day after i read the book, I was walking down the street and actually enjoying the (august) weather, looking up the trees and listening to the birds singing, I was eneregtic, smiling to myself (or to the world) and had a "bamby-bamby-bamby-bambyyyy" mood. I have to say that I re-found myself. My soul. The one I was "afraid" to let go and live life "la7san 7aga w7esha te7sal".

I feel Liberated!

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