Monday, August 20, 2007


There is this blogger who is really getting on my nerves. Everytime I read an entry I literally get higher blood pressure. The thing is that "this blogger" makes alot of judgments and jumps into alot of conclusions that makes you at first think that "this blogger" is making perfect sense.Everytime I read the entry, and some comments. I really fight the urge of writing something back. I know that whatever I write "this blogger" won't like it and they would somehow think that I am so blinded from the truth/reality/bla bla. I know that whatever arguments we would make it wont go anywhere coz simple I disagree with almost every thing "this blogger" is claiming.
I just feel sorry for the readers who are like "braaavoo! hayel , momtaz". I mean "this blogger" really writes well, structure wise and in building the logic and all that, even better than me I admit. But again I am hating what "this blogger" is calling for. Seriously Get A LIFE!!
I just hope that I dont make enemies in the blogosphere. I have enough at reality.
P.S: Its not you btw :D


zandy said...

LOOOL @ the PS. :D

greyscale said...

i'm curious in knowing who it is...any hints tayeb??

gjoe said...

hints?? hmm let me see..Deee knows who it is :D

Deeeeeee said...

I totally agree with you, in reference to our previous conversation :P

Fadfadation said...

"I really fight the urge of writing something back"

You;ll get that all the time on the blogsphere.

Daa ana beyet7ere2 damy min kaam blog of "so called" famous bloggers who just rant non-sense and call themselves reformists and want to in-light Muslims on how islam or our country should be.

As you said, They are inbuilding their arguments.

And yes, those "bravo" people are really sometihgn.

ne2ool eh... el denya feyha naas min kol no3... blogsphere is the same!