Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ana Faffy !

Being the eldest may imply that I am all responsible w beta3..WRONG!!
I am the most faffy girl.. I am what you can safely call a *Spoiled Brat*.

1- I do say Mamy. I say "Ya Mamy" , if the lights went out suddenly or i was startled.I dont say Papy (nor Babi). I sometimes call my father by his first name, or a nickname I made up for him when I was about 3.

2- I get bored very very easily and very quickly. Evidence: I didn't like my first work not for anything other than I was bored and it was not exciting. It was going to be very enjoyable afterwards with a lot to do. Still, i wasnt patient enough to wait and see as Juka suggested.

3- I hate crowded places. I treat my personal space very sacredly. YOU CANT PENETRATE MY PERSONAL SPACE..That implies even sometimes on my family members when I am edgy.
Note: My personal space is a 0.5-1 meter radius, depending on general mood.

4- In this past Ramadan, I was sitting at work doing nothing and I come back in 5 minutes without any ordeal faced in traffic w araf. I still find myself tired or lazy to set the table for eftar with my sisters and mother.."ana gayya mel sho3'l w ta3bana"..Sometimes I fake setting the table and move in circles at the kitchen. I've set the table only the days my sister had an outside-iftar.

5- One time, I went to my friend who is far away from where I live and I had to go home using the CTA..I waited for half an hour ( This I considered to be very very long time and unbearable). When the CTA finally showed up, it turned to be full and I had to stay standing all the way. I wore my sunglasses and I started crying. Not to mention my personal space got invaded!! I HATE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. I don't have any kind of endurance.

6- I spend half an hour thinking of what to wear in the morning. I have this rule that I can't wear the same thing nor the same color 2 days in a row.

7- The most important person to me is Ommo Tamer our maid. She does my bed , my clothes, my laundry, my food. When she is home, bakkasel attala3 el mofta7 3ashan ommo tamer will open the door.I really appreciate what she does and how tired she can be sometimes. Still, I don't do the simplest chores on my own.

8- I dont cook. Not that I dont like to,Not that I dont want to. I just don't. The few meals i have cooked were really good , 7atta beshahdet ommo tamer nafsaha..bass I just dont do it.

Other than that..I am very nice :)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Soora Soora Soora

I am the worst person ever to take a shot! Picture is always too dark, too off-center, too bright, too blurry, too very wrong angle.. I dont know the slightest basic about photography. Sometimes, I play with my humble digital camera and see what options it's got but still, I am the worst person ever to take a shot. Alot of people, specially bloggers, i noticed are into photography, they always remind me of how much I need to learn if someday I decided to go...novice :)

Anyways, that said, I am still very proud of the pictures I am presenting in this entry. They were taken a couple of fridays ago. I was in Grand Hyatt and was taken by the sunset, and the nile..I know it is a very exhausted scenary, but this one is different, this one was taken by me :)

I didn't have the digital camera with me, but i started shooting with my 2.0 MegaPixel mobile camera anyways..

A Before Picture, that is before I reset some options in the camera..

An After Picture, much more vibrant

Redundant Shot

Lazy Boats
The Sun? Don't Ask.

Have A Nice Day!

Fatta7 3eenak Takol Malban

For El-Leela El Kbeera FANS!!

zomaara sho7'leeela..3asfoora ye7leela..tarateer ya wad tarateer.. tarateer tarateeer tarateeeeeer!

Trivia: My sister (cherry) doesn't like El-Leela El Kbeera AT ALL..she saw it when she was a little kid and was not able to categorize the "3arayes"..She asked her self.."If these were humans, why do they look like that? If not, why are they so big on screen and talking like human beings?". She was terrified from the lion whose roar was -3ala 7add qawlaha- Mor3eba!!

Ta3alaaly Ommaaal!

Feeh Baytena Teenager

I am the eldest of2 other sisters. One of them is the one I constantly refer to in my blog, the one that is more girlish than I am and of course a lot sweeter!

I have another sister, the one whom this entry is entirely dedicated for. She is 14 years old. A typical teenager. She reminds me of myself ALOT when i was her age. carbon-copy that is. Deee also claims that she was so much like my sister when she was her age.

Being a teenager and all that, she is very concerned about her privacy, she doesn't tell us any of her passwords(3andena fel beet its not a password wala 7aga ..its just a "word"), she doesn't sign in automatically, and we should never be anywhere near the screen when she is chatting with her friends or anywhere near the room where she is talking on the phone.
She listens to the weirdest music. She rarely shares with us any of her problems or concerns in school or with friends. I am not saying she NEVER does. She occasionally does.
She is a terrible liar. She gets caught easily. That's why she doesnt tell. She simply says "mesh 3ayza mekkasela a2ool". She is not doing anything wrong. She just wants to be left alone.

Don't get me wrong, she is a very wel raised sweet little girl. I am just concerned about her insecurities at that age and the way she deals with them.

One thing I am very proud of in her is that she reads Harry Potter like she is addicted. She watched 1-5 as movies and then read 6 and 7 and now she is reading backwards starting from part 5 and decending.

I told dee once, "Dee, ana ba7'aaf 3aleeha awy w mesh 3arfa a3mel ma3aha eh..sa3at lamma bakkalem ma3aha i turn into a mom and tell her e3mely keda w keda 3'alat"

Dee told me," sa7beeha ya gjoe, go out with her and do things together"..
and guess what, I decided our "common activity" to be me helping her in her studies.
How convenient and how very stupid of me.

My real concern: My sister has that sweetest heart and the kindest soul. She would do anything for her friends. I am very concerned that she be-friends the wrong people someday. She is the best of her friends and I dont her to be influenced by them. I am not her mom, and definitely mesh ha2a3adaha gamby, bass I wish her the best in her life and future. I dont want her to feel anything less than great.
When I was a teenager, I was a Kol3eeka-Tamshy-3ala-El-Ard. It has passed el7amdolelah. And I know that part of being a teenager is being wild, rule-breaker, and with a turbulent mood.

But being a teenager once isnt helping me now..still most of the time I feel I don't know what to do!

Any ideas?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Resignation

I handed in my resignation last week. Yes, I've quit. I chose the more enjoyable and less salary job.
I don't regret it at all(okay maybe a little bit), although many had told me to stay where I am (was), and they weren't wrong. I just chose something I think is more suitable for me, that's all. I wish me the best of luck in case I've stayed in some other parallel universe.

The other thing about this job quitting is that it came too soon. People were like "enty le7e2ty ya benty?". They are right I made a choice too soon. But I am also happy I made it. AT least I made my research and a lot of est7'aras and that , for me, is enough.

It was weird quitting though. I am not at all experienced in all that stuff, being a fresh graduate and all that. Here how it went.

The thing about the resignation, is that I didnt know what to tell the people. They were good and very respectable people. There is no "situation" or any "drama" that pre-occurred my resignation. My mentor sure didnt like the news and the management thought something happened and that the reason "I found something more suitable" was not good enough.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Aly Baba

Remember when we were a lot younger and they always showed this movie on El Fada2aya El Masrya or El-Qnaha-Ooola.The one with Yehia el fa7'arany and es3ad yones and el fa7'arany's son. Yes, I am talking about the one and only: Aly Baba wel Arba3een 7aramy. Remember that chubby cute little kid? That teenage disturbed guy and his study partner? Remember that kinder garden teacher and the police officer at the end of the movie?

I loved this movie! I loved each and every character in this movie. The little kid was adorable. But most of all, this movie was a turning point for me. It made me very skeptic about ALOT of things or more specifically i stopped enjoying any fairy tales or Disney classics. I still love them. But I perceive them in another way.

Aly baba: he is not considered "ragel tayeb" wala 7aga..he IS a "ragel 7aramy".

Cinderalla: She liked the prince because he is rich. He liked her because she's blonde.How Very compatible. Mesh be3eed tekoon betemasala7 3aleeh 3ashan tebbatal tesht3'al..w howa la2a feeha el bent elly ma2as gazmetaha tool 3omroh bey7lam beeh.

Little Mermaid: Okay, she is an ambitious one. but again Too much of a sacrifice for some guy she doesn't even know. It turned out fine for her fel a7'er..bass that's only because it's a fairy tale.

Alladin: Tab3an the guy didn't have any choice but lying to Jasmine about who he really is, because girls ARE materialistic with high expectations. No matter how bored she is from her oh-so-mundane palace, when the time comes, she would want the Sha2a we 3arabaya w mahr..

Shrek: Well that's what I call a realistic "fairy tale" the ugly ogre who marries the princess. Dayman el bent el7elwa beyb2a 3aleeha el 3een w tedabes fe gawaza ko7eety..

Shrek 2: wa7da 3'awya fa2r, the ogre gave her the option of being humans for the rest of their lives and she was like "naaaah! I like us that way". They probably had this ending to have a 3rd part of Shrek.

I apologize if I ruined any "childish perspective" for any of you out there..but that's what blogs are for: sharing ideas :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Note To Self

- First Impressions Never Last. I am a living proof.
- I need to go exercising.
- I miss Ramadan Already.
- I need to focus on my pre-masters.
- You can't change people, you can only change the way you deal with them.
- Do3aa is Magic!
- Never go to the movies fel Eid.
- People are NOT stupid. Strange, I know.
- Competition: I hate and can't live without it.
- I need to travel abroad. I need to travel abroad. Ya Rab bas maykonsh lel 3elag.
- I am currently suffering from AMDS: Animated Movies Deficiency Syndrome.
- Family is the best thing. Even when you are fighting
- Hope is the second best thing. Even when you are disappointed.
- For the first time in my life: I decided I'll help my little sister in her studies.
- I hope i never quit blogging. It is very relieving.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Gazmet el 3eed :)

You are looking at my new greyish-black shoes! There are 3 special things about this pair of shoes:

1- They are bought with my first salary.
2- I will wear them isA on the first day of Eid.
3- Now me and my sister will have 2 black shoes to share instead of 1.



- I never visited that shrink btw, the appointment was postponed until after Eid. I guess I will have more days living in this phobia
- I am praying so many este7'ara's for a new job opportunity. I have no clue what to do. I have until after Eid to make my decision. It's with a less salary but a lot more challenging ENJOYABLE job than the one I am in right now. HELP!
- Mom: Masr ta2reeban el wa7eeda elly sayma ennahrda.
Me: LOL, men kotr matrya2na 3ala Lybia awel Ramadan.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Thursday, October 04, 2007


I had a very interesting conversation with my father yesterday. He was telling me about the "circle of life",exactly like in that lion king movie.

He felt that I am not very "happy" in my work with a pre-mature judgment of the work place and that I am rushing any successes or that i have a too early "i wanna make an impact" attitude. He is very right. I spent exactly 1 month and 3 days at work. Nothing dramatic happened that would make me want to quit. But also things are having a slow pace.

My father started talking about civilizations!

"The earliest civilizations started around the rivers. A very prosperous environment, The land, the climate, the food. Things were (relatively) easy and people settled down around the rivers and started farming and agriculture.They had a lot of resources and they were lucky,They built up their civilizations very fast. Think of it: Egypt, Iraq, China. The oldest civilizations ever.

On the other hand, civilizations that had to build up the hard way and "yen7atoh fel sa7'r", may not have grown as fast but they are far more powerful economic-wise and endurance-wise. They grew slowly but surely.They started from scratch. They had to create their resources. Today, Europe, Japan and the US lead the world. While countries living by their rivers are doing the same thing for 7000 years. "ma7alak serr"."

Things almost never end up the way they started and there are a lot of ups and downs in life. He is right(again).

My father then told not to rush.He told me, "patience my dear, patience..patience or you're grounded!".

Lamma neshoof!

Monday, October 01, 2007

The Best Words

Fadfadation's last post reminded me of an even more stunning event that happened in the mosque at taraweeh time, or more accurately the break in between.

A few days ago,The Sheikh was talking about some topic I don't really remember. Anyways, the Sheikh then said that today we have a gift. Something that is better than "el ard w ma 3alyha".

He then said " ma3ana ragol 3ayez yosh-her eslamoh"

People's voices suddenly roamed the place "Allaho Akbar" and "Masha Allah" and "Sob7aan Allah"
and of course there were people who were like "howa aal eh? aal eh?"

He then gave the microphone to the man.

"Ashado An La Elaha Ellah Allah, w Ashadoh Ann Mohammadan Rasoolo Allah. Radeetoh Bellah Rabban w bel Islam Deenan w Bemo7ammdan Nabyan".

He had a deep voice. He sounded nervous and relaxed. He sounded sincere. He sounded very cautious, saying every word slowly as if he could absorb it and take it in. As if he didn't want the moment to pass. I think he thought about his life before and how it will turn to be. I think he would have have thought about all the things that he used to do and will never do again and all the things he will do that he never did before.

The first prayer, The first sojood, the first tasbee7, the first Ramadan, the first Eid.. :)
Converting to Islam. An everlasting drastic change in a person's life.

The Shiekh then said "Alhamdollelah w Allaho Akbar..Man kan yoreed an yanzor e Ragol laysa 3aleeh 7'atee2a ..fal yanzor le haza al ragol."The Shiekh then continued the prayer."Qoomo ela salatokom Yar7amkom Allah"

I had the same contemplating reaction as fadfadation's. I spent a few moments thinking..We say Al-Shahada several times a day. We say it very fast more like,


We say it without thinking of its impact or depth. We rarely say it slowly as the man did. We don't appreciate its blessing and we take it for granted. We take our Islamic identity for granted.

I was very happy to witness such an incident. I was curious of course to hear about the details and what made him convert. But really that didn't matter. What matters was that he converted :)

I came back to my mom telling her the whole story, with more drama of course. She very peacefully said " yeaah..deh a7la kalemat..Radeto Bellah Rabban w Bel Eslam Deena w Be-Mohommadan Nabyan"

p.s: Ramadan arrab ye7'las :( ..wel 3eed gaii :)