Friday, October 12, 2007

Gazmet el 3eed :)

You are looking at my new greyish-black shoes! There are 3 special things about this pair of shoes:

1- They are bought with my first salary.
2- I will wear them isA on the first day of Eid.
3- Now me and my sister will have 2 black shoes to share instead of 1.



- I never visited that shrink btw, the appointment was postponed until after Eid. I guess I will have more days living in this phobia
- I am praying so many este7'ara's for a new job opportunity. I have no clue what to do. I have until after Eid to make my decision. It's with a less salary but a lot more challenging ENJOYABLE job than the one I am in right now. HELP!
- Mom: Masr ta2reeban el wa7eeda elly sayma ennahrda.
Me: LOL, men kotr matrya2na 3ala Lybia awel Ramadan.


Redzo said...

Hope that will be no more Calls out of the blue from ur sister asking for the SHOE :D....And about the job Take me thereeeeeeeee :( Coz I need An Enjoyable one :(

Deeeeeee said...

Mateego nefta7 sherka!! I love the shoes! :)

Juka said...

I love the spirit ya Deee :) mesh 3ayza feasibility study? Gjoe I love the shoes! Don't quit just yet.

Mak said...

that first salary is always the best....:)

I say take the job. ;)

gjoe said...

Redzo: If you need one, you'll get one :)

Deee: fekra hayla..habee3 ba2a el gazma 3ashan a7awesh ra2s el mal :)

Juka: Thanks Juka. good to know that we agree on shoes :) .bass shaklaha keda ha3mel be nasee7et Mak and quit!

Mak: I Concur!

Fadfadation said...

Aaaah! now i can know you when i see you in the street.

Don't be scared if a complete stranger (ely howa ana) will stop you in the street if you have those shoes on :)

gjoe said...

w haowa kazalek :)