Monday, October 01, 2007

The Best Words

Fadfadation's last post reminded me of an even more stunning event that happened in the mosque at taraweeh time, or more accurately the break in between.

A few days ago,The Sheikh was talking about some topic I don't really remember. Anyways, the Sheikh then said that today we have a gift. Something that is better than "el ard w ma 3alyha".

He then said " ma3ana ragol 3ayez yosh-her eslamoh"

People's voices suddenly roamed the place "Allaho Akbar" and "Masha Allah" and "Sob7aan Allah"
and of course there were people who were like "howa aal eh? aal eh?"

He then gave the microphone to the man.

"Ashado An La Elaha Ellah Allah, w Ashadoh Ann Mohammadan Rasoolo Allah. Radeetoh Bellah Rabban w bel Islam Deenan w Bemo7ammdan Nabyan".

He had a deep voice. He sounded nervous and relaxed. He sounded sincere. He sounded very cautious, saying every word slowly as if he could absorb it and take it in. As if he didn't want the moment to pass. I think he thought about his life before and how it will turn to be. I think he would have have thought about all the things that he used to do and will never do again and all the things he will do that he never did before.

The first prayer, The first sojood, the first tasbee7, the first Ramadan, the first Eid.. :)
Converting to Islam. An everlasting drastic change in a person's life.

The Shiekh then said "Alhamdollelah w Allaho Akbar..Man kan yoreed an yanzor e Ragol laysa 3aleeh 7'atee2a ..fal yanzor le haza al ragol."The Shiekh then continued the prayer."Qoomo ela salatokom Yar7amkom Allah"

I had the same contemplating reaction as fadfadation's. I spent a few moments thinking..We say Al-Shahada several times a day. We say it very fast more like,


We say it without thinking of its impact or depth. We rarely say it slowly as the man did. We don't appreciate its blessing and we take it for granted. We take our Islamic identity for granted.

I was very happy to witness such an incident. I was curious of course to hear about the details and what made him convert. But really that didn't matter. What matters was that he converted :)

I came back to my mom telling her the whole story, with more drama of course. She very peacefully said " yeaah..deh a7la kalemat..Radeto Bellah Rabban w Bel Eslam Deena w Be-Mohommadan Nabyan"

p.s: Ramadan arrab ye7'las :( ..wel 3eed gaii :)


zekry said...

great post gjoe (Y)
i totally agree that "We take our Islamic identity for granted"
w i think en da wa7d men el asbab ely mekhlya mo3zmna moqaser fe 3ebadto le rabbna
keep up gjoe w isA ala2y ur incoming 20-years book 3and ely bybe3o el garayed w ala2y tab3an el ehda2 bta3y :P :D

Fadfadation said...

Yes we do take it forgranted lelasaf.

i too saw a man yoslem infront of me when i first came to qatar.

THe mosque bursted in Allaho akbars.

I was soooooooooo touched!