Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Resignation

I handed in my resignation last week. Yes, I've quit. I chose the more enjoyable and less salary job.
I don't regret it at all(okay maybe a little bit), although many had told me to stay where I am (was), and they weren't wrong. I just chose something I think is more suitable for me, that's all. I wish me the best of luck in case I've stayed in some other parallel universe.

The other thing about this job quitting is that it came too soon. People were like "enty le7e2ty ya benty?". They are right I made a choice too soon. But I am also happy I made it. AT least I made my research and a lot of est7'aras and that , for me, is enough.

It was weird quitting though. I am not at all experienced in all that stuff, being a fresh graduate and all that. Here how it went.

The thing about the resignation, is that I didnt know what to tell the people. They were good and very respectable people. There is no "situation" or any "drama" that pre-occurred my resignation. My mentor sure didnt like the news and the management thought something happened and that the reason "I found something more suitable" was not good enough.

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