Thursday, October 04, 2007


I had a very interesting conversation with my father yesterday. He was telling me about the "circle of life",exactly like in that lion king movie.

He felt that I am not very "happy" in my work with a pre-mature judgment of the work place and that I am rushing any successes or that i have a too early "i wanna make an impact" attitude. He is very right. I spent exactly 1 month and 3 days at work. Nothing dramatic happened that would make me want to quit. But also things are having a slow pace.

My father started talking about civilizations!

"The earliest civilizations started around the rivers. A very prosperous environment, The land, the climate, the food. Things were (relatively) easy and people settled down around the rivers and started farming and agriculture.They had a lot of resources and they were lucky,They built up their civilizations very fast. Think of it: Egypt, Iraq, China. The oldest civilizations ever.

On the other hand, civilizations that had to build up the hard way and "yen7atoh fel sa7'r", may not have grown as fast but they are far more powerful economic-wise and endurance-wise. They grew slowly but surely.They started from scratch. They had to create their resources. Today, Europe, Japan and the US lead the world. While countries living by their rivers are doing the same thing for 7000 years. "ma7alak serr"."

Things almost never end up the way they started and there are a lot of ups and downs in life. He is right(again).

My father then told not to rush.He told me, "patience my dear, patience..patience or you're grounded!".

Lamma neshoof!


Fadfadation said...

If we exclude China... i think he has a very valid point!

Juka said...

Wise man your dad. Relax GJoe all will be well!