Thursday, August 24, 2006

BrainStorming:Brain Damage

It has been a group of highly rank "mehayeeseen" that brain storming is NOT good for ur brain..forget creativity, forget that out of the box ideas..se7etak bel donya..

for the record i spent the most biZZare time of my life..doing wat? u guessed it..brain storming..oh i stormed all rite.. and only rained smelly slogans that u have to watch out for (Warning:dont try to understand the previous phrase, It mite cause irritations)..

u mite not believe me by now..well..its my reponsibility to tell u all..wat exactly does brainstorming do 2 u (Caution(Caution 3'eer Warning 7'aly balko): The following list might be disturbing..It is not advised to read if u are suffering from blood pressure,heart attacks,an unstable relationship,an empty stomach ,or idenitity issues.)

1-You will tend to think SLOWLY u mite spend a 1 min time trying to fetch word , put them together, in order to compliment a friend on some painting she has.

2- It is very unexplained what does brainstorming does to your stomach.. specially when ur forced to a meal.Researches ar still in dilemma..

3- To LIfe, From Life,For Life,Up Life, Under Life, Over Life, Get a Life,Run for Ur Life,Life goes on,Life is the conradiction of death, about Life,Beyond Life,
The above list is full of energy and life,the problem is they keep recoming to ur mind when ur brainstorming about life, i mean anything else in life(you see!!) It seems that the word is ALIVE!

4-For The Sake of Creativity, things get pretty messed up (in ur brain silly, where else)ull start to be confused, distorded, disfigured and u try hopelessly to systemize ur thinking along with ur existence..leeh maynfea3sh ell etenneen ye co-exist? i have noo idea

5-Things get very unhealthy and un hygenic..u get infections go with the flu, smell some slogans, and the conatmination seems to get every one.. including ur best friends,,its not a good thing to see..specially when ur on the 11th floor

6- ull spend alot of time trying to stop that storm ... but nooooo.. any word ull see, hear,or smell would enter that stormy brain of urs and *Thunderr* u try to make anyuse of it..and make any connections with other words and create stories in other lives and realems..
exmple(for the sake of illustration): hand,shake,vibrate,move, quake, run for life!! Life" is always there..Love ba2a is not.. :P

7- Brainstorming takes a while, because here u are in the midst of no where (gamb el nafoora kda) and trying hardly to syncronize ur exixtence,then fag2a some one calls and u try to motivate THIER existence,and unleaSH their botenSHals..not only that ,u should figure out a way to embower cababailities..while avoiding taking any STEPs towards anything in haste..and on ur laptop ur idenitity is upgrading and u jaust have to wait.. poor sux

8- a major side effect of brainstorming is wearing sth that goes with ur hair color..that is natural ofcourse..actually its not a side effect..its a sypmtom that brainstorming gayy fel sekka..alf mabrook...

10-w twinkle twinkle little staaaaaar

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