Tuesday, June 12, 2007

gjoe the gemini.

Okay..i don't really believe in that zodiac thing..but seriously i think i am 2 people..its not just the 2 personalities..the happy-harmless one and the angry-aggressive one..i think this has went too far!

-First, i dont remember half the things i say..we all forget things we've said..but i DRAMATICALLY forget exactly half the things i said..whether they were jokes, gossip, mean comments..anything!! just half of it slips into oblivion.
-Second, I dont have a consistent taste towards things.its not just "am not in the mood for a romantic comedy right now.."..its more of a major strong opinion about something:

my sister: ya gjoe etfragy ba2a 3ala just like heaven..its a really nice movie :)
me: just like heaven eh fel 7arr dah!w kaman eh reese Witherspoon deh...mostafezza awy i can't see her in a romantic comedy, blonde or no blonde..she gets on my nerves(specially her chin)

my sister: bardo mesh 3ayza teffaragy 3ala just like heaven?
me: alaaaah..aywa ana 3ayza ashoofo awy..enty 3arfa enn reese Witherspoon 7'adet gayzet oscar..begad bravo 3aleeha..
my sister(confused look): u need help sis!

me: i think sunglasses are useless..and they are so overrated..useless luxury..and what's with those glasses that cover up all ur face..so its protecting ur eyes and acts as a sunblock for ur skin coz now u can't afford one coz u wasted all ur money on the glasses?pathetic!

me: ana 7'alass qararat..el wa7ed lazem yeb2a 3ando naddaret shams..begad deh 7aga daroorya geddan..ento mesh shayfeen el shams 3amla ezzay?7'alas hatooly wa7da fe 3eed melady..bass 3ayzaha kebeera 3ashan tal3a mooda..w bardo 3ashan ya3ny tamanaha yeban feeha

(notice i also expressed myself 2 different languages!)

-I always ask the questions "what was i thinking?", "what have i done?", "where was i?","how did i do that?".. apparently..i sometimes turn into a person who misses things up and then the other person suddenly kicks in, wondering about how did it/i/we get there!

-I'm almost always half-sad and half-happy at the same time..If something bad happens..i naturally become all gloomy about it..but i also have to find something that would cheer half-of-me up..and when i'm happy."lazman w 7atman"..addawar 3ala ayy 7aga a2la2 3aleeha ao tedaye2ny

I'm driving me crazy!


zandy said...
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zandy said...

Well ya3ni sometimes I think we all do that sometimes bs mesh 3arfa 2a2olek ehhh :D
bs begad begad begaaaad i liked this post gedan :D
it made my day .. mesh 3arfa leh bs it did :D

zandy said...

ah w i like the "new-look" of the blog ;)
ya3ni ana momken ab2a met2a7'ara bs ma3lesh (a)

Deeeeeee said...

Ya gjoe ya gjoe! Happy birthday leeeko kolloko!! :D

Fadfadation said...

you are one hell of a character...lol