Wednesday, May 30, 2007

gmail+ talk Vs msn

Just like any other exams time.Anything other than studying appears to be very interesting.
I think when we are stressed, we want to get away from what's on our mind (I have this theory that , if i procrastinated long enough may the thing i should be doing, will be done on its own)..

Anyways..i ve been around ALOT of blogs lately..but am also always online..(having a busy status ofcourse).
I'm using both the embedded-gtalk and msn rather intensely..and i started comparing and contrasting since we are in exams season and all that..

What i like about gtalk:

  • first i like the idle thing..i think its smart and honest just not there now..
  • and i like that there is a mini-history of past status messages..specially that i actually change my moods rather quickly ( just bored and too lazy to change them frequently)
  • i like that the recent conversations are saved as emails :D
  • of course what takes my breath away is the emoticons elly beytsha2lebo :) :D :'(
  • i simply love the fact that's embedded in gmail
What i dont like

  • i cant appear offline..(ugly habit i have from MSN)
  • If i block someone..i can't see them come on and offline
  • Only one nickname/status at a time

neegy ba2a to msn

MSN is rather too GUIish typical microsoft..but i like it..more like..used too it

  • i like the custom emoticons..not the "K " elly betnawar and the "L" elly betetsha2leb and the "P " elly heya ra7et feen"..not those crazy letters..i like the smileys..describe alot of moods
  • i like that i can appear offline
  • i like that i can block someone and CAN see them come on and offline
  • ..i think that's it..

What i dont like abt msn
  • too many contacts.
  • too many contacts.
  • dont like the XML format of the history conversations..and yes i do refer to them alot specially when it comes to checking a link or an old joke
  • Too many statuses..ppl are either online , busy, not online but they feel more secure when they are connected or reachable..or "appear online" gmail just have the three to the point statuses..
-Am here
-Am here but apparently am doing something more important than chatting rite now(you may be interrupting ;) )..
- Am just making a sandwich, but its taking me too long to prepare..that's why the orange status

simply smart people! well done

and why exactly am saying why i like gtalk in the why i hate msn section?

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nousha said...

I still keep both of them, but these days i prefer the gchat