Thursday, June 05, 2008


Don't you think its weird that many people think they are lonely when its too crowded? I mean what are all these people doing? Just making it more uncomfortable being alone?

Don't you think its weird that there are many people struggling with overweight and dieting when there is a global food crisis? (I am not judging, I am contemplating)

Don't you think its weird that although you have friends whom you see come online and offline everyday and you are listed as friends on facebook still the distance between you is almost incompressible?(What is this geeky word doing up here)

Don't you think its weird that people still watch real TV? As if all the drama, backstabbing, conflict and struggling we have in our real lives,is not enough. I thought people watch TV to see some fiction, to escape real life, not to replace it with watching others pretend to have lives.

Don't you think it's weird that Obama won the elections? I thought it would be Hillary at start. yalla, mas7'am men setty, kallef ya seedy :D

Don't you think it's weird that three posts before this one I said that I was going to write about spelling mistakes and still haven't?

I think it's weird.


Anonymous said...

well, loneliness in the crowd and happiness in solitude is common, being in a crowd amplifies the feeling of how strange and deserted one really is, seeing all these people each showing signs of a different culture or social level or ideas and knowing that each of them has a life that is also filled with tears and joy can make one feel so insignificant so small and utters involuntarily with a sad smile "sob7an Allah", knowing that non of them cares for you and that 90% of them won't move a muscle if you drop dead in your place also helps :).

starting to sound like a communist there :P.

nope, the genius term you used says it all, you can't compress anything to be less than the source's entropy rate without losing data.


2e2leb el edra 3ala fomaha fe 3een ommo ghazal!

maybe it was the other Gjoe who wanted to post.

zekry said...

i think it's weird that many people like these stupid silly boring real TV programs, i think captain maged is more realistic than this fake programs