Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Saved By the Deee

So yesterday Dee literally saved my life. We were hanging out in Retro w a3deen fe amaan Allah..When suddenly Dee stretched her hand above my head and got out a tarzan-ish "AAaaaaAAA!" and stopped the newspapers stand from falling right on my head! It took me quite a while to understand what is happening. I mean fag2a el denya dallemet. I was paralyzed for a split of a second. Not in shock. But rather in "Heya deee bet3emel keda leh? ". Then when everything was clear and in the usual motion velocity, I stood up with a confused smile and helped to put the stand where it was!

El gameel fel mawdoo3, that I was just telling Dee 15 minutes before, that I was "concerned about the future"..I think I had a feeling that something was going to happen :D

We then jokingly suggested that we switch places, but then we were both afraid I will not respond as fast as Dee, if the stand fell again :D

Dee is a girl's best friend!


Deeeeeee said...

Well, *blushes* e7temaal kebeer lw kan 7ad 3'eirek kont sebto yetfele2! :P

W ba3dein I'm surprised that particular tarazanish act was received with a surprise.. eshme3na ba2et el tarazanish acts makanetsh surprising? :D

Salamtek ya gjo.. *blushes again*!

insomniac said...

this is sweet :)

zekry said...

so interesting :D
7amdallah 3la el salama ya gjoe
i think u have now a new respect to life :D ( law betshofy F.R.I.E.N.D.S hat3rfy ana asdy eih :P)
Thank u Deeeeee for saving the blog sphere from losing one of the greatest bloggers (7aba 2ar3 mobasher :D)

Amy said...

if it were me you wuda let it hit me?
ahhhh right, u'd be doing me a favor :D
Dee is the sweetest thing I've ever met uslan!
3ala fekra, this is turning to be a "Deee tribute post" kinda thing :p

D & G.. Love you both!

Anonymous said...

Had I not been there I would not have believed it (the tarazanish part) :)

gjoe said...

Dee: Maksoofa men eh..mafeesh 7add 3'areeb (I am not sure there will ever be.LOL)

Inso: Isn't it!

Zekry: Shokran a7'y el fadel 3ala el moda7'la deh. El blog dah menkom w leekom w beekom :P

Amy: (We) Love You TOO!

Injis: ;)