Friday, May 30, 2008

Last One

Hopefully this would be the last post I ever write about Exams..isA Rabbena haystor w te3addy 3ala 7'eer...

El mafrood enn el maddah deh as3ab madda 7'ataha el sanady..ya3ny zay mat2ooloh keda mesk el 7'etam..bass isA Rabbena haystor w te3addy 3ala 7'eer..

It's 2 days till my final final..and it's also 2 days till June..My favorite Month of The Year :)

Although throughout June I would be working on my pre-masters project, but I don't mind at all..actually I am looking forward to it..Anything instead of studying!

So i'll just have to hang in there for 2 more days and all of this will be behind my back..isA Rabenna haysotor w t3addyd 3ala 7'eer..


xero said...

:D i have 3 days left hmmm and another whole year of course :)
that's what u get fr failing a your first year .

rabena ma3aky ya rab .. we m3aya wana kaman

zekry said...

howa leeh b2a june ur fav month :D
da 7eta byb2a 7ar awy w bel zat yoom 18 :P

M@hdeTo said...

awel bent ashofha mat2olsh my favorite month is -7aga sheta feeha matara kteer we el shams mabtetla3sh feeha abadan !-

gjoe said...

Xero: Aaaameeeen!

zekry: Aho a7san men January..shahr kolloh matara wel shams mabtetla3sh feeh abadan :D

m@hdeto: wallah w ba2alak link 3ala your blog :)

M@hdeTo said...

looool .. law mesh 3agbek ya fandem momken asheelo ! (ana aslan maba7ebesh el links :S:S)