Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My daily fix

Cilantro happens to be 3 minutes away from home, and 2 minutes away from where I currently work. At last, I became a recognizable face at both, and I can actually tell the waiter ," I want the usual please". That is: Guatemala coffee, Latte with skimmed milk and no flavor.


Hawk said...

One perfect methodology the one adopts to be living on the edge for always!! I've been there!! Cilantro's Ice Mocha.. Supreme's Cheesecakses and Ice Chocoloate were all the drugs I've been addicted to!! For now, I'm only AddIcted.. addicted to CHAoSSSSSSSS!!

M@hdeTo said...

Cheesecakses -- fatma <1+2*(1|3)>mara ?

M@hdeTo said...

is it just my imagination or does edit icons appear all over your blog ?

gjoe said...

Tab add something keda :)
out of trial ya3ny

Cesario said...

every time I go cilantro:
me: wa7d mocha frappe men fadlak.
waiter: Falavor hazalnot aw vanillia ya fandem?
me: men 3'eir 7aga 7'ales.
waiter: tab wibbedecream ya fendem?
me: Sada men fadlak. Men 3'eir 7aga 7'ales. (with hand signs so that he understands)

gjoe said...

sina:LOOOOOL @ wibbedcream

sara said...

best things in life are those li'l things.. they are BIG for me :)

enjoy hun :D

M@hdeTo said...

@gjoe: strange! they are not here now
ymken kont bahalwes ! el mohm kheer ya3nee .. ill screen shot it if i see it again ..