Friday, May 23, 2008

Change is the only permanent thing.

She might not know this,but Juka's post on "This too shall pass" had a tremendous effect on my perspective in life.

Nothing stays the same. No one will stay for ever, no pain will last, no joy will reside. Everything changes. Whether its the good times, the bad times, the ugly times. It will all pass..and the only fact of life that remains unchanged is change itself.
This might be something we already know at the back of our heads because its intuitive. But let me explain how it changed my perspective in life.

Whenever something good happens to me I start appreciating it and valuing it more because I know it won't last forever. I also think that I should be grateful to Allah for this specific blessing as long as I am having it.Before I came to this realization of "everything changes", whenever something good happens, I used to come to the conclusion that "life is great, everything is perfect and from what it seems, it will be perfect for a long while".Yeah, that's what I used to think.
Now I think I am just in a "good phase" and I might as well thank my Lord as much as I can before things change.

Whenever something bad happens to me, I start consoling myself by saying it won't last forever. There will be happier times yet to come..I have to be patient until it goes away.And I might as well learn from the pain accompanying it. And as short as my life is, I already got the lesson that pain is almost only there for us to learn from it, and to make us stronger.

I became more content with the joys of life,and less depressed by the trauma it brings sometimes.

It is all the same with things around me. I don't jump into the conclusion that certain people are happy and doing well in life and others are sad and el denya mellatasha ma3ahom.I realize that what I see is just a snapshot in time and things are very likely to change for either, because it always does.

و تلك الايام ندوالها بين الناس

It's like sometimes a person enters a hospital and becomes deluded that everyone in life is sick and that life is full of pain,diseases and suffering.And another one might enter a restaurant and think that everybody seems to be happy, in love, together wel 7ayah bamby bamby..
That is absurd and a totally narrow perspective of things.I used to think that way, and I was under the illusion that some people are just happy and others are just sad. Life does not work that way. Everybody takes their turn.That's why life seems to be unfair.It is because you compare yourself or 2 people at different phases in life, thinking that things will stay like this for both forever.It's our judgment that is not fair comparing apples with oranges.

I think it is a good lesson in life not to be arrogantly happy by the good stuff happening to you and never be devastated by the bad stuff,because nothing is permanent.

Enough philosophy for one day. I will save it for the exam answer sheet paper.


zekry said...

this post is one of the best for me (Y)and i think it came from the wisely G-Joe character

P.S: plz keep the wisely G-Joe awake as much as possible

M@hdeTo said...


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Anonymous said...

I'm touched that my naive post issued such insightful commentary.

I completely agree with you btw. :)

Anonymous said...


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