Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This is not a commerical

This is the only fanoos I found at home. I love Ramadan. It is for sure the best month of the year.It has been said so in the Quraan. One night is far better than a thousands months.

Ramadan! I miss thee! I mean I love the traffic from 3 to 5 .If you want to go anywhere and started to be on the streets at 3, you would reach your destination at the exact time if you moved 10 minutes before the eftar!
I love how all egyptians ironically gain wieght in this specific fasting month.I mean people have been packing the streets to get all the "Yameesh" as if they were hibernating for winter! I mean com'on people!

I also miss the "7'eyam" with all the sheesha and the chit-chats..There are also the nature-friendly "7'ema" with just the chit-chats.

I am so looking forward to this "so7oor 3ala an3'am el DJ" in some fancy restaurants...
And never forget those 15+ different exclusive Ramdanic TV series. I wonder how many of these series would be exact copies of last year's and the one before and the one before.

Ramadan is a one of a kind opportunity to gather and socialize with friends. you can't get a better atmosphere..People suddenly realize that they have all the time in world,not to read Quraan and Pray a little extra, but to stay all day in the kitchen preparing for the breaking the fast meal..as if we have been fasting for a whole month not just half a day through which we were already sleeping aslan!
And given that I just started work, I can't wait to deal with all my co-workers and manager whom have not had their cigarettes and morning-mood-fixer cups of coffee.

Ramadan I miss thee!!


Fadfadation said...

Rabena maa yoreky el wesh el shibsheb beta3 el moda7'eneen fy Ramadan.

At work we get some really gloomy faces becuase they didn't have their "3ala el ree2" morning cigarete!

Takabal Allah seyamik ISA

Deeeeeee said...

Ramadaaan Kareeem ya Ouji, enjoy the 7'eyam w sahraat Sameer Sabri wel fawazeeer wel mosalsalaat, the attitude and e7medi rabena en you dont have to go through any real traffic... and Rabena yostor 3aleiki meldeyouf elli haytobo 3aleiko keda ba3d elsho3'l :P

P.S. Howa maba2aash fi fawazeer leih? Walla fi wana ma3rafsh?

gjoe said...

Takkabal Allah mennah w menkom ya fad..syaman maqboolan w eftaran shayhean ma3 ta7etat: Magy, le ta3m allaz..

fe3lan as you said Rabbena yostor..we have some heavy smokers around here!

Ramadan Kareem ya Deee! 3ala fekra feeh fawazeer..check el ahram today..hilarious! fe3lan el7amdolellah for the "walking distance" and dont worry about el dyeoof..dool yennawaroona!!

Cesario said...

Ramadan Kareem. I think Ramadan is the only month when I actually feel calm all the time. I just love it. Some people say that they can't feel the holy month because a lot have changed in Egypt, but I always feel that Ramadan is quite personal, and not at all related to the ambiance of the country.
Yalla, Ranbena InshaAllah yesa3edna newfy el 7agat el 3ayzeen newfeeha fee Ramadan.

gjoe said...

Exactly :D

Juka said...

Kol sanna wenty tayeba dear. Once the coffee addiction wears off everybody is really quite amiable. I love the mood. I grew up in the gulf and Ramadan in Cairo has a much more special feel to it.

Redzo said...

El gamiil fe ramdan kaman ... 3amel el mofag2a mesh ramadan bass da ramadan wel 3eeed wel madares ... kol el naas betofaga2 enn ramadan bokra aw ba3d bokra (hane3raf ennahrda el sa3a 9 beliil) fa kol el naas tenzil 3ashan tegiib el yameesh ma3a ennohom kano 3arfeen el ma3ad men sana faatet (howa kol sana fe nafs el ma3aad 3ala fekra) ... nafs el kalam bel nesba lel 3eeed (El hodoom) wel madares ...fa tla2i el donya za7ma awi we kol el naas mesta3gela ... Ramadan Kariiim ya Gjoe :))

Fadfadation said...

Anything familiar?


maslan your nick name?

gjoe said...

3onsor el mofag2a dah beyffakarny bardo bey ayyam el emt7anat. walla eh ? :P


facebook bey2olly Content Not Found. .cant see any nicknames!

Fadfadation said...


Joni the group called "memories of egyptians born in the 70s" and the go to the photos sections.

In there you'll find a toy that i used to play with as a child.

it is called: GIJoe :)

zandy said...

Ramadan Kareeeem, hya met27'ara tab3an bs ma3lesh.
I always thought this yameesh ramadan thing is totally overrated. it's like this is all what this month is a bout.
Also those grumpy ppl who claim it's coz of the lack of cigarette el sob7 ely abl el feta, i mean come on ah ya3ni el mawdoo3 bydaye2 bs ya3ni kol wa7ed feeh 3a2lo bardo mesh lazem ya3ni tetala3 7'an2etak 3la el nas wenta sayem w tedaya2 syamak 3shan segara!
but i always love Ramadan and i agree with sina it's a very personal month. For me it really brings a lot of inner peace and unusual calmness that's usually hard for me to find wich is only ruined when i hear sb nagging or byt7ageg when they are lazy to do sth by simply saying " mana ta3ban ba2a w sayem!!"