Thursday, September 20, 2007

Work Work Work

I started work first of this month. and let's just say that I was excited to get the job (although it was totally unplanned for) and I decided to give it a shot. Like any other job, it has its good sides and bad sides. This morning i feel like "I dont see myself in this job 2 years from now". Other mornings I feel like "This job would be great once they start giving me tasks".

I am still at the learning phase. I have a mentor whom I should be asking about how the business works and I also have to learn about this software. The thing about the learning process is that it is not methodological. Reading and asking questions sometimes isn't as smooth as one might think. I also have to grasp the concept of "co-workers". People that are not friends but I see them more than I see my family members.

Given that I decided to look at the bright side of things. I will list down the things that I like about the job(Although momentarily, I don't really like it) .

1- Generally, I should be grateful of getting a job 2 months from graduating, with a reasonable salary.
2- Work is a 5-6 minutes walk away from home. It takes the same time as it takes to finish an M&Ms.In Ramadan specially, being this close from home sure is a blessing.
3- The turnover in the company is very very low! People have been working in the company for years and years and years..People seem to like it here. I don't know what do they like in it awy..but turnover is always a good sign.
4-I am working in an IT team of 22 members (They hiring a few more). I believe that a team of that size is reasonable for an individual's work (like myself) would have a significant impact.
5-The software i am learning belongs to a flourishing and a rare field. Redzo claims that afterwards(let's say 1.5-2 years from now) my salary would be doubled. Lamma neshoof ya Redzo!! I must also mention that it was Redzo who told me to send up my CV and give it a shot(Many thanks..for now :P).

To be honest, the main thing that I don't like about this job is that I am not working in a software development house but rather a support function in a company. This means that there are no standards in the way things go.The team are hard workers, devoted and respectable but are not very professional.Aaah! And my mentor!! I am really having difficult time dealing with him. He is very good mentoring-wise, as in he is never hesitant in explaining (more than once)anything that I dont understad. That's enough right? Naaah! He gets on my nerves.Something in the way he talks and deals with other co-workers. He is what you can call "stiff". Not rude. But stiff.

Seems like survivable.I don't want survivable. I want enjoyable. I'll give it more time of course.I hope I don't regret it!


Redzo said...

mmm...I m facing the same situation ... mesh enn fee 7aga ma3a el co-workers aw enn el mentor ... bass zayyaha fe "Survivable" or "Enjoyable" ... when should we decide ... or we need to give it more time to be judged... begad mesh 3aref keteer bafakkar Am I on the right track .. ?
3omoman rabbena ma3aaki we ins yeb2a enjoyable ...WE BAD3Y MEN ALBY ENN el SALARY Ye7SALLO DOUBLING AFTER 2 YEARS :D ... RABBENA YOSTOR :D

greyscale said...

i can relate to the "survivable/enjoyable" part too.

i guess it's quite common for people to feel that way in their first jobs.

Cesario said...

well, from the unemployment ranks, where I reside, I can tell you that nothing seems enjoyable, I'm still searching for a job and nothing looks promising.
You think you're life changes, but it always stays the same. I guess it only changes if you do something drastic, out of the ordinary, maybe even revolutionary, but the safety of monotony keeps us in our gilded cages.

nousha said...

good luck :)
it's really nice to be 5 min away from work :)
Iused to have this priviledge when I went to university, now it take from 30 min to one hour !

gjoe said...

Thanks for the post.. my blog is not copyrighted (yet!)

I hope it gets better!Best of luck for ur first job too!

ma7desh 3agboh 7aloh..something revolutionary? hmm.. you mean something that might synchronize my existence? I miss the glory days!!

Thanks ya nousha!!Sometimes its not how much time does it take you to get to work, but whether its worth anytime at all!